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The Utah Children's Theatre invited us out to see their last show of the season, and as soon as my kids found out what it was they were begging to go. A few months ago my oldest boy (9) tried to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but even though he could read it, the way they spoke made it hard for him to understand so it turned into a family read aloud instead and all my kids got a huge kick out of hearing all of Tom's antics and adventures. Thus, they were all excited to see the live version on stage.

I took our 4-year-old, but because we had read the book together as a family with me stopping to explain little things, (like a licking really meant a beating and such), he was familiar enough with the storyline that he had no problem following what was happening on stage and got drawn in right away.

Compared to the numerous other plays they've seen in the past I would have to say that this one was more... scary I guess is how I'd describe it. It was all done very age appropriate and wasn't violent or inappropriate (they took the smoking, naked swimming on the beach scene from the book out, obviously :) But it does have the murder trial and Injun Joe played his part as a villain very well. Our 4-year-old was fine and said it wasn't scary at all, it just had more of the traditional 'bad guy' protagonist than the Amelia Bedelia play we saw last month!

The kids loved being able to see it though and were excited to point out things they remembered from the book and laughed as Tom blundered his way through life constantly getting into trouble and facing pranks, young crushes and life lessons. Their favorite part was when Tom, Huck and Joe sneak in to attend their own funeral services and are listening to all the mourners list all their good qualities. Each boy would respond with "Yes, I sure did," "I was like that, I was," and so on until the pastor said he was good at studying his scriptures and Tom had to whisper, "No, I actually wasn't at all!"

They also laughed out loud when Tom mistakenly proclaims that David and Goliath were Jesus' first two apostles!

Tom Sawyer runs through the next two weeks, with the final performance happening on May 28th.

I have loved sharing so many great stories from my childhood with my kids over the past year going to numerous plays at the Utah Children's Theatre and was excited to see that they recently released their line up and opened up season ticket sales for next year. It isn't scheduled to run until next Spring, but my daughter is already counting down the days until they put on a musical version of Pinkalicious

In the meantime she is excited to attend one of their summer singing and acting camps that start up in a couple of weeks.

Having grown up with absolutely no performing talents or fine arts appreciation, I have enjoyed watching my kids develop an interest in these more 'cultured' areas than I ever did at their age! We really do LOVE the Utah Children's Theatre!

Entrance Fee(s)
$14 each for groups of 1-9
$12 each for groups of 10-24
$10 each for groups of 25+

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