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We've been doing the same hikes over and over and over. I was ready for something new, but not something terribly new because I still have 2 toddlers and a 4 month old baby.

After checking this website out (meaning The Salt Project) I found a hike that someone Brooke had posted about. Green Pond Trail!

It's been so hot that I figured if we headed up in elevation we should be able to escape the heat a little.

I called up my sister, who brought along her friend, and I packed up my 3 kids and we were off.

Green Pond Trail started off pretty amazing, who doesn't love bridges and wildflowers. The trailhead is on the west side, across the road from the parking lot.

The trail is well traveled with probably 50-60% shade.

Aiko was mesmerized by all the crickets. She stopped because they were getting soooo loud!

Orion bit the dust quite a few times. The trail was covered with this fine dirt that was very dirty. Every time he fell there was this little poof of dust around him. (Anybody read Charlie Brown? Pig Pen comes to mind.)

You could tell that we had missed some pretty epic wildflowers, but luckily, there were still quite a few around. I had a hard time keeping them away from little Aiko.

We crossed over a bunch of little streams.

We came upon this sign and decided to try out the picnic area.

It's a good thing we did. There was Green Pond!

We let the dogs run and play in the water for a while. The kids really wanted to go in, but I was a little doubtful, since it was very green looking.

We didn't stay long as it was getting hot and there wasn't much shade by the pond.

We continued our trek for a while longer. We actually passed quite a few families out hiking.

Eventually, we started hiking through some bigger pine trees and aspens. At the start of the hike there was mostly brush oak but now the trees were getting big!

Seriously, the dirt got everywhere.

I kind of love big, dead, spooky looking trees.

My kids love rocks and thought that carrying this large rock would be fun. It didn't last long.

Oooh. We found this large ant hill. It's hard to show how large it really was.

Playing hide and go seek .

Around this point we decided to turn around.

There was some good shade and logs to sit on, so we ate our sandwiches and hung out for a little bit. I think we hiked a little more than a mile before turning around. I've read this hike can be 3.2 miles (here)

The hike back was pretty hot since we didn't start hiking until 10:15 or so. But it was an easy hike (the portion that we did) and the kids loved it.

One day we'll be back to hike the whole thing!

Helpful Tips

  • Trail starts on the west side of the road. For Upper Trail.
  • Bring Water
  • Watch out for Mountain Bikers.
  • Dog Friendly. Plenty of streams to drink out of.
  • Partial Shade
  • Toddler Friendly. (Mine were 3 & 4)
  • Well Marked.
  • No Bathrooms
  • Picnic Area.
  • Pond at the Picnic Area Sign.
  • 3.2 Miles out and back.

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