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We've had a membership to Union Station this past year that has offered us the opportunity to visit their exhibits and museums numerous times and my kids always love our trips there. However, we've never been to the Union Grill located onsite, so when they invited us to come and check out their menu, we were excited to try them out. We went for lunch with some friends and it was so amazing!

It was a nice, sit down restaurant, but wasn't over priced or over crowded, which are two things I always consider, especially when taking the kids out. It was quiet enough that we could chat and actually hear one another, but not so whisper quiet that I needed to worry about the kids giggling with each other (and occasionally bursting out in laughter) throughout the meal.

I have kiddos with food allergies and was so grateful for their willingness to go over the menu and work with us. All my kids found something that they really wanted on the menu and I discovered a drool worthy sandwich selection. I ended up ordering a divine warm cheese sandwich with tomatoes and avocados, only to look around at the other ladies meals and discover that everything really was quite good!

My oldest usually just eats fries whenever we go out as there are literally 9 foods that he is allergic too, and so he considers himself a fry connoisseur of sorts and proclaimed their fries to be the best he's ever eaten.

And my 4-year-old was shocked and excited when his fruit cup that came with his kids' meal included a variety of fresh cut fruits, such as cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, honeydew and grapes. (I swear most places kids fruit cups consist of a couple sad-looking canned mandarin oranges!)

And if all else fails, there's always dip!

The wait staff found out that it was my daughter's birthday the next day and was sweet enough to bring her an ice cream sundae with her own cherry on top. Her eyes popped wide open when they set it down in front of her and in the end asked for extra spoons to share with everyone, since she had just filled up on lunch and, honestly it was huge!

The food was delicious, but really the atmosphere was even better. I loved the charm and coziness of the place. It fills the place that used to be the platform at the original Union Station, so much rich history that matched the rich, heavy drapes and exposed ceiling. It really was beautiful! I didn't realize it before, but apparently the Union Grill is owned by the same people as Roosters, which we all know has GOOD food.

Afterwards Spring graced us with her warm sunshine and the kids had fun running around looking at all the trains just outside before we headed home.


tonya Wed, 11/16/2016 - 08:40

I hadn't realized your kids had allergies (I'm a new reader). We never take our kids to eat out because of this. Would love to hear places that you've had great experiences at.

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