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I've been waiting to go to U-Dig Fossils in Delta for YEARS! Years.

I follow a few random rockhounding facebook groups and somehow facebook kept pushing U-Dig ads at me. I'm so glad I saw those ads! 

U-Dig Fossils is quite the destination and you have to commit to the drive. There are a few rolling hills on the dirt road and it's SUPER fun to speed up while on those! We saw some wild horses and they were magnificent. 

Be sure to read out tips below before you head out on your own trip!

You can just show up during the designated hours, someone is always out there. We met Beven and his wife and Bevan had worked at U-Dig for like 14 years! 

While we were waiting for instructions we literally found trilobites just laying on the ground. I don't want to say you are pretty much guaranteed to find a trilobite, but it really wasn't hard to find them. 

Everyone gets their own bucket and rock pick. Even tiny Vesper had a tiny hammer. She used it too. 

Once you've got your bucket and hammer you head out to the pit. It's right next to the office and it's just piles of shale everywhere! 

Some of the rock is really hard to break apart and some literally needed a little tap and it split right open. Usually, the softer rock is what's been sitting in the weather for a while.

ALLL the kids and parents loved searching for Trilobites. It seemed like every couple minutes someone said: "Mom, I found a trilobite!" It didn't matter how many we found, we loved finding every one of them. 

Tiny Vesper's hammer. She loved being able to find her own trilobites. She loved hitting rocks, ALOT. 

While I'd say it wasn't our smartest move to bring babies, it worked out fine. Farah just sat and crawled around by me and while I had to keep a good eye on her, I felt she loved being one of the big kids. 

Steph found a sweet spot and didn't move the whole time. She did find some excellent specimens. 

We probably spent 1.5 hours and pretty much everyone had found a bunch of trilobites. 

Some were still in huge chunks of rock, so you might want to chip them down a bit. 

Stephanie said, "This is super zen, I could just sit here listened to everyone chip away at the rocks." She's right it was actually super peaceful. Everyone got into their own rhythm. When it was time to go guess who was the last to leave the pit? The husbands! In fact, both of them commented on how cool they thought it was after visiting. (They weren't super thrilled when we first told them about it.)

Once you've picked your best ones, you can ask for them to be polished up real quick. Bevan and his wife will show you how to use a wire brush or use a big buffer. Sometimes there might be a line of people, so plan accordingly. 

All the kids said it was their favorite thing we did on the trip. We'd have to agree!

Thanks to U-Dig for having The Salt Project out! U-Dig is not open during the winter months, so be sure to add U-Dig to your Spring Bucket Lists! 

Be sure to tag us on your own trilobite trips! U-Dig will open again for the Spring season in 2020! 

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This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Check their website
Entrance Fee(s)
Prices Vary, Check their website
They do take all forms of payment, even at the site.
Helpful Tips
  • No Reception.
  • Once in Delta, travel 32 miles west on Highway 6 / 50. At the Long Ridge Reservoir sign between mile markers 56-57, turn right. There is a U-DIG Fossils sign at this intersection. Then travel 20 miles down a well-maintained gravel road to reach the U-DIG Quarry. Any type of vehicle can travel this gravel road. 
  • You don't have to call or book ahead, just go during the open hours.
  • It's a long drive, so take water and food.
  • Look for the wild horses! 
  • The office takes credit cards and has a cell phone booster for office use.
  • Porta-Potties only, unless you brought an RV! 
  • Once in the pit, you'll be in a live dig site with lots of rocks and drop-offs. Most Drop-Offs are flagged as an off area. Keep an eye on your young ones. We did take babies with us as well.
  • No sun cover at the dig site.
  • The only thing I thought that maybe I would want was some eye protection. 
  • Covered Picnic tables.
  • We did drive an RV out there and it was fine. 
  • Be sure to bring some cash to tip Beven and his wife! They were SOO helpful and were happy to help give pointers. They know their stuff. Beven has been out at U-dig for 14 years!
  • Don't forget to ask to get your trilobites polished up! 
  • The hardest part is choosing which ones to keep. You could keep all of them, but I'd suggest bringing home your favorites!

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