Tubing the Weber River - Ogden Kayak Park - Adventurin'

Family Field trip Friday!  

Actually, I'm not sure what day it is because, summer! But I know its the first week of August which means there is only one acceptable activity, floating the river!

We found this little spot when we were riding the Ogden Bike Path. And added it to our summer bucketlist. There are actually 2 spots that we found. This one, Ogden Kayak Park, and Riverdale Kayak Park.

The Ogden park has 2 rivers, one larger one on the right with 3 slides, and a smaller one on the left that is faster and super bumpy (highly recommend using a tube for the left river).

The right river with the slides is so mellow. You can slide without anything or you can use a tube or kneeboard.

The bottom of the slides have about a 4ft drop off so you don't have to worry about rocks, but make sure your kids have life jackets on. They wont be able to touch.

The Riverdale Kayak Park is a little more exciting! Although there are only 2 slides, the river is faster and there is a very deep part after the 2nd slide with a rope swing.

Both parks have close parking right next to the river (address below). And the city has brought In big rocks and created a really nice river access point.

Both runs are pretty short, so you just jump out after the slides, walk up the trail and ride again.

You could just set up day camp and let your kids ride for hours.


bathrooms located down the street a few yards.

nice little spot for littles to play

The kids found a frog. Definitely the highlight.


You can park right by the lookout.

Helpful Tips

-Parking available at Ogden Kayak Park

473-525 Exchange Rd, Ogden, UT 84401, USA

-Bathrooms available

-Tube recommended for smaller river (left side)

-No tube needed on the bigger side of the river with the 3 slides (right side), But tube or knee board are both fun.

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