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The Tracy Aviary hosted Brittney and her family for their annual Halloween Hoot. Be sure to read through the end of the won't regret it!

1. Half off Admission for anyone wearing a costume

Let’s be honest, everything is more fun when you’re dressed up! Since there is a pretty big perk to getting dressed up, Tracy Aviary during Halloween Hoot is filled with fun costumes and Halloween cheer.

2. The Craft Table

My oldest is a craft fanatic so the craft table HAD to be our first stop. They made these fun suncatchers by sticking feathers and leaves onto contact paper and then putting a piece of contact paper on top. There were plenty of Tracy Aviary employees available to help the kids with their craft. I was super impressed with how kind, patient and thoughtful the employees were. They overheard that my daughter’s favorite color was purple and then tied her suncatcher with a purple piece of yarn. Its those little things that really impress a mom.  

3. The Straw Maze

The straw maze is on the smaller side. My five year old made it through quite quickly. It’s more of an area to run and play than a challenging maze but my kids enjoyed it. I loved that there were chairs set out along the edge of the maze for parents to sit in while their kids played. It was another appreciated thoughtful touch.

4. The Mystery Tour

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the mystery tour. I’ve been to a few Holiday themed events that have just been half-heartedly thrown together. I kind of expected the Mystery Tour to be the same. But I was pleasantly surprised. Tracy Aviary really rocked this one.

I won’t give you all the details because you have to go check it out yourself. But here’s a little sneak peak...

Our tour began at the conservation station with our cute tour guide. A little background on our tour guide: she originally studied to be a school teacher but took a different path and ended up at Tracy Aviary. Her job is to educate, that’s it. She spends her days teaching kids and families about the birds at Tracy Aviary. I was quite impressed that our tour was being led by someone who not only knew about the birds, but also knew how to teach our kids. She did an amazing job and the kids were glued to her every word.

The tour had four stations and was set  up like a scavenger hunt. At each station we got a clue about where we were headed to next. Once we got to our next station, our tour guide taught the kids about the bird and shared a Halloween themed story about that bird. Here’s an example: one of our stations was the Vultures. There she taught the kids about the Tibetan Sky Burial funeral practice. When someone has died, it is considered the most high honor to place their body on top of a mountain and let the vultures eat it. The stories were interesting, related to Halloween and somehow completely appropriate for kids. That’s a hard balance to find and they executed it perfectly.

5. Visiting Tracy Aviary

Even without the Halloween Hoot festivities, Tracy Aviary is a great place to visit. You can attend free bird shows (both indoors and outdoors), feed the ducks, see more birds than you’ve ever seen before, and explore the various play areas specifically designed for kids.

Be sure to check out our Giveaway post tomorrow! You may just get to experience the Halloween Hoot yourself!

Entrance Fee(s)
Check out the website for hours and pricing.
Helpful Tips
  • Halloween Hoot runs for the next two Saturdays, October 24 and 31 from 10:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Anyone wearing a costume gets ½ off admission, even adults!
  • The craft table runs and straw maze run all throughout the day and are drop-by kind of events
  • If you’re wanting to go on the Mystery Tour, meet at the conservation station at 1:45 pm. The tour runs about 40 minutes.
  • Plan to stay after the mystery tour for storytime in the woods at 2:45 pm. We weren’t able to stay but it looked like it was going to be magical!
  • The outdoor bird show (known as the High Fliers Bird Show) runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11:00 am. The indoor bird show runs Tuesdays-Saturdays and starts at 1:00 pm. Make sure to get seated early (I’d suggest 15 minutes before the show if you want your choice of seating. Both shows fill up quickly.) Our indoor show was about 30 minutes and kept the attention of our 5 and 3 year old but our 1 year old didn’t make it all the way through.

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