Trackline Bike Park - Ogden's NEWEST bike park

My mom sent me a text about this new park on Ogden. There were a couple photos but it didn't even have an address listed. We decided to pack up the bikes today (which is no small miracle in and of itself 5 kids, plus my massive bike doesn't work if we are taking kids to ride the bikes that we pack. So we made the executive decision to leave the littlest Read at home with Papa so we would all fit.

We really need to get a bike rack, and a hitch ASAP.

It should be noted that while we LOVE to get out and explore new things, we are total newbies with extreme sports, or sports of any kind actually. We have always had bikes (not enough for everyone to ride at once), but they are available to ride the neighborhood and we do it a lot (I am usually walking or pushing a stroller).

This year we got longboards and added another Woom bike during quarantine and we never looked back. We have been on wheels every since and now we are totally hooked!

We got our first Woom 2 bike for Riz back in 2015 when we taught him how to ride a bike in 9 minutes. He was so cute and tiny. He has since graduated to a Woom 5 and has been killing it in the neighborhood ever since.

We hit our first BMX park last month when we visited Woodward and our Woom bikes were so fun. Today we hit Odgen's NEWEST outdoor bike park. It exceeded all expectations on every level for all of us.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Woom to bring you this incredible bike park guide.


At several points, you can enter/exit the dirt loop. Please follow the arrows. Its one way only.

We loved this part, going through trees, around trees, over rocks. I wish we had mountain bikes, but our city bikes/ebikes did AMAZING! Since we don't know any different. I'm sure if we tried a mountain bike we would realize there is a better tool for the job.

At the back of the forested loop trail there is a platform. This is where the trail connects with the Ogden River Trail. We decided to go explore it for a few miles. So we headed south toward Fort Buenaventura since we have been there and have seen the bike path, but have never taken it.

Near the fort, there is a nature look out area. There is also a parking lot close to this area. There are many places to access this trail.


I did SO much research for the perfect bike for me. I needed something that I could cary extra passengers (incase they can't keep up, or get tired). This bike is perfect. It can fit 2 adults or me and Berdee (6 yrs) and Wells (almost 3yrs). Or me, Berdee and a giant water bottle lol. Oh, and I'm usually pulling a longboard on the back too!

I also wanted something that looked cool, but didn't break the bank. Some of the cargo bikes were over $4000 and ebikes without cargo were $1500 to $5000! After weighing my options, I knew an ebike was a must. If I wanted to keep up with my kids for one, and I knew I would have passengers/be pulling kids constantly. I needed all the help I could get.

My friend from Cali got the Super 73 and I fell for it hard. This was the bike for me! It is street legal, but I can also ride al the bike paths with my kids. It kills it on the dirt trails and hauls on the paved trails. 

There were so many tunnels!


This was seriously SO FUN! We had never been to this side of the Parkway, so it was fun to explore a new place on bikes for the first time.


The fall colors are so beautiful right now.

After a few miles we decided to head back and play a little more before going home.

This teeter totter was a huge hit too. So was riding my bike. My goal is to buy another ebike this spring for Dan. We all love it so much.

The dirt pump track was also a huge hit.

Breck, riding my Super 73 like a champ. Use this link for $100 of any bike on their site.

Berdee is fearless. She is riding Riz's old Woom 2. I think it's time to upgrade. She has officially outgrown that bike. I can't wait for Wells to ride it one day. So many precious memories of my littles learning to ride on that little blue bike. It will always be my favorite.

The park has arrows everywhere, be sure to show your kids how to follow them. This keeps everyone moving in the same direction through the mile long loop so everyone is safe.

If at first you don't succeed, jump off your bike before you fall, and walk your bike up. They try again.


I loved this part of the track. The railroad used to run behind these platforms to unload cattle cars! How cool is that. They are very narrow stairs for the cattle to navigate easily. This used to be a huge cattle yard and trading area, one of the largest in the USA! They tour it down in the 50's but left the stairs. I'm so glad they did. Such a cool piece of history. (this info was given to me by a passerby, I have not fact checked it).

The city plans to put in more tracks soon! Can't wait.

So grateful for teenagers!! Locke doesn't even have to be asked, he just starts loading the bikes.

Miracle! They fit!

This is the building that we parked at. If you head north, you will find a paved trail that leads to the dirt trail. You can't miss it. Its a loop, so you can enter at any  point.

The obstacle course is on the NW end of the park.

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Helpful Tips

DO NOT LEAVE THE TRAIL - there are stickers everywhere, you will get a flat

ONE WAY, be sure to follow the signs so you go the right direction

HELMETS - not required but highly recommended 

WATER - bring water 

NO BATHROOMS - there are bathrooms about a half mile up the road by the River Walkway entrance. we didn't use them, they looked sketchy. 

Kid Bikes - Woom

My e-bike - Super 73

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