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Toquerville Falls has been on our bucket list for at least 2 years now! Every time I would see a picture on social media I couldn't believe it was in Utah and that I had never heard of it. So Toquerville Falls was added to our ever growing list of places we wanted to visit in Utah.

We partnered with the new Young Mazda in Kaysville to try out a Mazda CX-9 for our Road Trip to Zion and we are so glad we did! You need an SUV, Truck, or ATV for the trail to Toquerville Falls. We have also been told that a van with all wheel drive can make the trip.

The CX-9 seats 7, so it fit our family of 6 perfectly and we folded down one seat in the back for extra trunk space.

We wanted to share a few tips for a successful trip to Toquerville with kids!

TIP #1

Make sure you are in the right vehicle. There was an explorer and a AAA van parked half way up the trail when we arrived. The explored had popped a tire and AAA came to the rescue with a donut tire fit for a bike. Then there was another vehicle parked behind them. They said they decided to hike in since their vehicle didn't have all wheel drive. They never made it to the falls (it's over 5 miles). You don't want to get stuck with a car full of kids in the desert!

TIP #2

Go early. We arrived around 6pm in the spring. That gave us an hour to get to the falls and back to the paved road before night fall. You need sunlight to see the road properly so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

TIP #3

Pack a picnic. The trial is about an hours there and back. Then you will need time to explore. You could spend hours hiking around the falls and also exploring the surrounding trials so be sure you have plenty of food and water for your group.

TIP #4

Take your swimmers! In the summer this is the PERFECT spot to cool down and spend the day. The water run off was pretty strong and fast when we were there (mid March) so we didn't plan to get in the water. There is usually a ladder connecting the upper and lower falls, but it was gone, so we didn't explore the lower falls area.

TIP #5

Camping is an option for you adventurous souls out there. There is no water or bathrooms available so be sure to prepare well.

TIP #6

Be safe! The falls are pretty steep and the water is fast. Make sure littles are in a carrier or staying back away from the river and the ledge with an adult. The 2nd falls is very deep. You can jump off the top falls into the lower falls. So be sure to pack life jackets if you plan to get in the water.

TIP #7

Take 2 adults. There were several times on the way down that I jumped out of the vehicle to guide my husband so the tires wouldn't hit rocks. Having a second driver is a good idea to help navigate the terrain.

I have only seen photos of adults and teenagers at Toquerville Falls, but this is a great spot for kids to explore.

My kids (6,9,11) loved climbing around the river and the fist waterfall, while my husband stayed by the river with our 2 year old.

I only wish we had more time before the sun went down so we could explore longer.

So, have you been before? Are you adding it to your bucketlist? Be sure to #TheSaltProject so we can see!

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Directions: From St George, head north on I-15 for about 20 miles and take exit 27 to Toquerville UT-17 S/UT-228. Head south for 2.6 miles and take a left onto Spring Dr. Follow Spring Dr for 3.6 miles and the road will fork – take the right fork and continue for about 2 miles and you will turn off the road to the right and head over to the falls.

  • Camping Free
  • Pets allowed
  • No bathrooms
  • Swimming Allowed

37.266466, -113.279825

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