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It’s no secret that Utah is a photographer’s dream destination. With alien landscapes rising up into stunning configurations beneath bright blue skies, this state is always camera-ready. Narrowing it down is next to impossible, but here are our top five most Instagrammable spots in Utah.

5. Dead Horse Point

Despite its foreboding name, Dead Horse Point is one of the most spectacular lookouts in the state, if not the entire country. The state park features countless overlooks. Each one offers incredible panoramas of the Canyonlands and Colorado River carved out of layers of red rocks. With the blue skies above and the river winding below, even a novice photog can make this landscape look stunning.

4. The Great Salt Lake

No list of iconic Utah locales would be complete without a shoutout to the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. From the famous Spiral Jetty in the northwest arm of the lake to the pronghorn of Antelope Island, there are endless images captures along the riverbanks. Don your deepest red outfit and take a memorable selfie along the sparkling white shores.

3. Fifth Water Hot Springs

Deep in the heart of Diamond Fork Canyon, Fifth Water Hot Springs is the natural reward you get for a day spent hiking on the trails. With its mineral-colored waters and shallow soaking pools, this is a prime photo opportunity. It's also a delicious way to kick back and enjoy some nature.

2. Monument Valley

This one's on everyone's list, and a site you don't want to miss! With sandstone formations reaching towards the sky up to 1,000 feet and a rich Wild West history, this is a precious slice of Utah. The 17-mile road that loops through the valley costs $5 per person to access and is more than worth it. Count on spending about two hours to drive through, plus some generous padding for all the time you’ll spend framing up your best shots. Plan your photo op for sunset, and you can’t help but get some great shots. Bring your wide-angle lens, or your iPhone and let the Instagram magic happen.

1. Yant Flat (Candy Cliffs)

Visitors say photos simply cannot do the Candy Cliffs of Yant Flat justice, and while this may be true, there’s no reason not to rise up to the challenge. This Mars-like landscape has the appearance of red rocks teased into a shape like rippled, rolling fudge. You’ll need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get to the trailhead at Anna’s View Point Trail, but it is well worth the trip. Enjoy hiking one of the quieter, less-trafficked areas near St. George, and take home some images that will knock everyone’s socks off. 

Utah is home to some of the most remarkable geological wonders in the nation, which makes it an Instagrammer’s paradise. If you plan on hitting the trails, just remember to bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and take nothing but photos and memories with you when you leave. 

By Salt Project Contributor Emilio Rodriguez


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