Toadstools Hike | 12 Utah Staycations

Hiking Toadstools Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument near Kanab is yet another reminder that there is SO much that we haven't seen in Utah. I mean, we do travel Utah quite a bit, but I LOVE finding new epic places we've never even heard about! Toadstools Hike is a 2 mile round trip hike that is perfect for families!

You'll see the parking lot with a big sign that says "Toadstools Trailhead." It was a fairly busy spot and we were glad to see lots of people coming in and out. The first part of the hike you'll wind through these amazing hills that are layered with all sorts of colors. I was actually surprised to see so much white in all the layers. The kids loved hiking up and down and all around the hills. 

You'll know when you hit the actual Toadstool area. There's some crazy cool hoodoos that look just like toadstools! 

We were super lucky to have Arika and her family come along with us. Arika owns Zion Adventure Photog and takes amazing family adventure photos! I'll show the rest of my photos below, you'll totally notice a difference between hers and mine. Ha! 

The landscape truly was breathtaking. The kids started play hide and go seek around all the hoodoos. 

Just beyond the first toadstools you'll see a jaw dropping background of white cliffs. The stark difference from red rock to white is just stunning. 

It was the middle of February, so it was pretty cold, but we were in full sun the whole time. There isn't a whole bunch of shade, so be sure to bring some sunscreen!

The kids ran around playing in the sand/mud/rocks. It was the perfect playground. 

There are a few drop-offs, so you'll want to want the little kids pretty closely. Ours were scrambling all over the rocks in snow boots, so it seems like any shoe would work in this area. 

Thanks to Arika for capturing these adventurous moments in Kanab!

Be sure to #thesaltproject when you go! 

Just a few other photos (not by Arika, but from my iphone.)

Helpful Tips
  • No Bathrooms
  • Easily found from Highway
  • Dogs are allowed, but please clean up after them.
  • Be respectful to the hoodoos.
  • Leave no trace
  • Sandy, sometimes muddy terrain. Our kids wore snow boots and did just fine.
  • 2 miles round trip
  • Full Sun
  • Very Windy at the beginning of the trail, but it gets better the further you hike.
  • 2 miles roundtrip
  • Easy Hike
  • 45 miles east of Kanab


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