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Y'all! We are so excited to share this beautiful mountain top reservoir today, AND the coolest app that made it possible. 

You can rent a home on airbnb, rent a RV on rvshare, and now... you can rent recreation gear on the hottest new app called Rexchanger.

Here's the thing, we have a garage full of fun toys & gear, BUT we also have a mini van and 7 people in our family. That doesn't leave a lot of room for taking toys with us on adventures. We either have to plan to go with friends that have a truck, or we have to leave a few kids home. 

When we found the Rexchanger app, the first thing I searched for were blow up SUP's so we could take the whole fam to check off one of our summer bucket list items and finally visit Tibble Fork Reservoir. 

The app is super user friendly! I even listed some of our gear on there! It's just sitting in our garage when we aren't using it, might as well let the kids make some money with it right!

The coolest part of the app is that Rexchanger tracks the condition of your gear from start to finish. They also offer an optional Rexprotect policy that covers your gear from damages. Because we all know, accidents happen. My kids have thought about renting out our gear for years but the one thing holding us back was the possibility of damaged gear. Now we can rent our stuff out to others and not have to worry about it.


We found 2 boards available in South Jordan which was on our way to the lake in American Fork Canyon. Perfect! I created an account and in a few minutes I had reserved the boards and we were on our way.

You can chat with the renter on the app and set up a time for pick up and drop off. They take a photo of it before you pick it up and you take a photo when you drop it off so everyone has their bases covered.

Our boards came with a manual and motorized pump which was awesome.

Once we got everything set up, we set up a little camp for the day on the beach. The water Is super low at Tibble Fork right now, so when we first got there it was a bit of a let down. We were early and one of the first people out on the water, so the water was mossy and looked stagnant. But as soon as the sun came out and more people came that place transformed into the most magical mountain reservoir. It was so beautiful! The tall pines surrounding the water was breathtaking.

There were fish jumping, kids playing in the water, and lots of people taking ATV's and motorcycles up the canyon road.

We got there on Friday around 10am and were one of the first people there (other than the hoards of people with ATV's everywhere).

I think the parking lot would fill up pretty fast on a weekend, so I would go even earlier for find a spot on the beach. The beach was pretty small. If the water was higher, there might be no beach at all. The good news is that the walk down to the water is super short.

We get asked about our inner tubes all the time for floating the river. They are SO strong and hold a lot of weight. We just listed them on Rexchanger so y'all can rent them! How cool! $10 for the entire day vs buying some for $60-$70 each, having to store them, and only use them once a year.  Renting is an awesome option.

There are 2 rivers that flow into the reservoir.

We seriously could not have picked a better day. The sky was filled with big fluffy clouds, the sun was out, and there was a nice breeze all day. We planned to stay for 2-3 hrs but ended up staying for 5! The kids didn't want to leave.

They also caught all of these fish with their hands! Ok, they were all dead, and they used weeds to pick them up. So gross! BOYS!

We met up with our Texas besties which always makes adventures more fun! We just happened to be matching. I don't typically go for fluorescents, but love this suit. I'm wearing a S. Fits TTS.




This is the other river that flows in. There was also a rope swing but it looked a little scary so we didn't try it.

This sweet little family of ducks were following the kids up and down the shore.


All in all, we had a fabulous time and we can't wait to go back! I think we'll bring our dog next time since it is such a dog friendly beach. So many dogs! And tons of people. This is a popular spot so I would avoid weekends if possible and go early. 

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Helpful Tips

Check out to find local gear to rent in your area OR list your gear and start making money!

And check out Rexchanger App for more info.


About Tibble Fork

Outhouses available

No shade

Dog allowed (on leash)

Fee area $6

Small beach area, fills fast on weekends

Large parking lot, but fills fast on weekend

ATV trail access/parking


Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah 84604, USA

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