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Three Peaks Recreation Area is an AMAZING County park 10 miles out west of Cedar City. As a college student, we went out to have paintball wars, go bouldering and bike out there. Not a whole lot has changed in scenery, but they have updated the area quite a bit. 

Like, there's a whole pavilion you can rent out with swings nearby. But the BEST parts? All the boulders. It’s an amazing place covered in granite boulders. 

I mean COVERED. The rocks for some reason are very rounded and it’s perfect for scrambling around for everyone. 

You can mountain bike, OHV & ATV Riding, Rock Crawling, there’s a shooting range, a flying field, camping, and a Disc Golf Course! I mean this place has. It. All.

Our favorite part? Scrambling on the rocks for sure, but also, finding IRON shavings. You may not know this, but Cedar City is located in IRON County. Hence all the iron shavings. We totally went to the store to find a magnet to search for Iron. My nephew was telling us how you can drag magnets across the ground and pull up iron. We totally did and we were totally nerding out. 

It was crazy watching all the tiny rocks fly up to the magnet. We also found some larger pieces of iron too. 

It felt like there were children on every rock! The views are amazing. 

We even watched these guys with the RC cars. These tiny cars are not your average junky remote control car. These RC cars were made for crawling on rocks!

We tried the disc golf for a short minute, but it was so windy. We called it speed disc golf, as everyone went all at the same time. It was kind of hilarious to watch everyone go in different directions.

Oh, we tried for a slight 2-second thrill in our Land Cruiser, but we chickened out...

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The Salt Project
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Bathrooms available (although they may be seasonal)
  • Radio Control Flying Field
  • Equestrian Use
  • Shooting Range
  • Rock Crawling
  • OHV & ATV Riding
  • Mountain Biking Trails
  • Three Peaks Disc Golf Course
  • Camping
  • Pavilions
  • Perfect for families

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