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Stephanie and Melinda here!

Tucked into the heart of down town ogden, we found a new spin on one of our favorite cuisines Thai! It was just opened by the same couple that own Sonora Grill. The idea actually started when they were looking for something to eat during a music festival a few years ago and saw a huge line of people waiting for curry and fell in love with the simplicity and flavor profiles from Thailand. A fun “business” trip across the world to collect recipes and they were ready to start their own restaurant.

Thai Curry Kitchen is hip, fresh, locally owned, and... orange! Our favorite color!  Although its technically not a "Thai" restaurant, it is a curry restaurant that uses Thai Curry and other flavors from Thailand in the dishes. 

You choose white or brown rice followed by a curry sauce ranging from kid-friendly mild to authentic spicy. They also offer a wide selection of fresh salads.

This place is legit! 

They searched high and low to source suppliers that could provide fresh, exotic spices and everything is as close to fresh made as possible. 

For those of us with food allergy kids, everything is dairy and gluten free! So no worries about cross contamination.

As Corbin is allergic to dairy, this place was a winner for him.  He thought it was awesome.

Everything is so fresh, like made from scratch everyday kind of fresh.

We had quite the crew of little people with us, so we started everyone off with rice and added different curry for the kids to try out.

Being the kids first experience with Thai curry lead our cautious kids to stick to the more mild flavors, their kid approved favorite being the yellow curry.

Luckily all the curry choices had a mix of veggies in them so that even our littlest picky eaters could poke around and find something they liked.

Steve and Emily (the owners) brought out some of the ingredients for the kids to see, touch and smell (homeschool bonus)

Steve and Locke pulled apart a piece of ginger root for the group to pass around and smell.

We are huge "leftover" gals, and the portion sizes were large enough to take home extras. The rice bowls reheat and totally passed the leftover test with flying colors.

Thai Curry Kitchen was a great way to introduce new flavors and cultural foods to our kids.

Give us all the curry!

Open Daily from 11 am to 9 pm
Helpful Tips

Check out their website for a buy one get one free coupon deal. 

Dairy and gluten free!


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