Ted Bundy Cave


We crossed the river in clothes and shoes. I know, I know, but after searching for 2 hrs, we were not walking away empty handed. We could see the trees, and where the bridge was, and we thought this was the only way to access it, so thats what we did.

Then while we were at the caves, we heard some hikers approaching. We asked why they weren't wet from crossing the river. They said they went around it lol.

Turns out there is a path that leads from the road, that skips the river. The trail is only about a 5 minute walk from the road. 


Copy exact coordinates (listed below) before you go. We didn't have service in the canyon. So we had to keep going back to the beginning to get service and go back in to try again to find it. All the coordinates listed on line took us to random parts of the canyon. And then finally took us to the point where they was once a bridge, but since it was gone, we crossed the river without it, not knowing there was another way.

The coordinates will lead you to this road sign. Park where you can and walk to this spot.

Then look for the tree with the spray paint. From there, the trail is clearly marked with spray paint and the trail is wide and clear.

Just follow the spray painted trail for about 5 minutes. You cant miss it.

The city has put up a new gate to prevent trespassing. Lori was just making sure it was impassible. We'd hate for people to be able to get in the cave and get hurt.


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Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Coordinates 40.43605° N, 111.72789° W

No bathrooms

Dogs allowed


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