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While this isn't technically in Fariview, Tap-Z-Log is in another tiny town down the street called Mount Pleasant. (Population 3,300) A few weeks before camping we were headed to Spring City and happened to stop here for some food. Yelp had some good ratings and our options were limited.

We were so happy with how good it was that we brought the family back while camping. (We couldn't have camp fires, so I felt that it was a good choice!)

I can't remember everything we ate, but we ordered quite a bit of food and everything was gone.

I remember everyone loved the Honey Chicken, Ribs, Teriyaki beef, Lumpias and Adobo Chicken. I got the Raymun for the kids and it was quite good.

I was completely happy ordered the Bok Choy in Garlic once again. It's so delicious.

The Lumpias really were so good.

When we first came to eat at Tap-Z-Log I was BLOWN away by how packed the place was. Not only were there tons of people, but they were kids, and one could quickly tell that they were all Asian and not very local judging by all the languages I heard. I saw a lady who I deemed a local and asked her why there were so many Asians! She just laughed and said that Mount Pleasant is home to Wasatch Academy, a Private School and that all of the kids were here for High School. My jaw must have dropped a mile. I seriously couldn't believe these kids were shipped from across the country to such a small town in Utah.

Suddenly, the vast piles of Asian junk food/drinks/ice cream all made sense.

Anyways, I was glad to hear from my siblings that the food was excellent and it wasn't just me being hungry. The owners are from the Philippines and were super nice. Apparently, lots of people come here from Provo to eat their awesome food. 

One of my other favorite things to do is walk around Main Streets when visiting new towns.

I love the old buildings and seeing what kind of shops they have to offer. 

Tap-Z-Log is just off Main Street so it's easy to find. Be sure to make a stop if you are nearby. Oh, and be sure to get some Ice Cream, we had some kind of Guava one (dairy free) and it was SOOOOOOO good.


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