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Stephanie (and fam)  here!

We thought it was high time to have ourselves a proper tailgating party.

So we headed up the Weber Canyon with Indie Ogden. But first things first.

Tip #1: Obtain Truck

We needed a truck! Young Automotive in Morgan has more trucks than any dealer I know. I'm sure you would agree if you have ever driven past them on the freeway. And I'm pretty sure they hooked us up with the biggest truck they had. So what is the first thing we did when we picked up the truck? Take if off roading of course! We needed to see it in action! OK, I'm kidding. We stayed on the pavement, but we did put the peddle to the metal. At least we attempted to. As soon as we started the kids screamed and said it was to fast. Then added that it was better than Lagoon! What can I say, they are easy to please.

Trappers Loop usually gives our car a run for its money.  I'm not going to lie, driving the F-350 up those hills was like cake. This truck was super fun to drive and I was surprised at how quiet it was for a diesel. The kids loved being up so high and took turns lifting Riz(4) in and out of the cab because it was up so high.

This was my first tailgate, I know, I know. But if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right.

We were in business. Awesome ride. Better than Lagoon.

Tip #2: Picnic Table/Chairs

We set up our picnic table while the kids played. Because let's face it, only so many people can sit at the tailgate. Even though we somehow forgot to take a photo of our shade canopy over the table and chairs, it's still a very important feature people!


It doesn't have to be fancy. Hot dogs make almost anyone happy. But . . . we also brought along some pulled pork in a crockpot as backup.

Plus some homemade cole slaw and brownies does a belly good. Really though, you could pack sandwiches and have just as much fun. But the food is important. You can't tailgate without the grub.

Tip #4: Go Ford.

Sorry Indie Ogden, but our Ford F-350 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Extended Cab basically put your Dodge to shame. In the case of Ford vs. Dodge, I think Ford won this time.

Don't worry Indie Ogden, we still love you.

Tip #5 : Beverages with ice.

Bring excellent beverages for all, with lots of ice. It's hot. Bring lots of beverages. You'd be surprised how much you can drink when it's 90 degrees outside.

Also, watermelon is a good idea.

Tip #6: Let the kids get a little dirty.

Really, you are outdoors and eating finger foods, so chances are, you're babies will get dirty or something. Especially if they just happy to wear matching dresses without meaning too. And then eat watermelon that drips all down the front of their dresses.

Tip #7: Bring family and friends.

The more the merrier right? While our lives may be pretty chaotic with all the littles, they still keep us laughing and on our toes.

The tailgate was amazing. Those Weber mountains are pretty incredible any time of year.

Can we talk about my sweet Ogden apparel! I was born and raised in Ogden so I've gotta show O-town some love.  The Sign Garage on 25th street not only has a huge selection of Ogden and Utah apparel, but they design and print them in house! These guys are incredibly talented. And this shirt is SO soft, I might be wearing it everyday now, so I'm just going to apologize to my family in advance. 

The kids were having a blast running around and eating. We always have a good time with Indie Ogden and Harmony's family. Anytime you combine food, mountain air, family and friends, you are bound to have success. You can't fail.

Be sure to add a tailgate party to your summer bucket list. Go before school starts!

Check out Indie Ogden's post here for the Dodge Truck Version!

If you are looking for a new  (or used) truck be sure to check out Young Automotive on FB. There’s a reason why this family owned dealership is celebrating 90 years in business and going strong! 

This post was sponsored by Young Automotive but our opinions are 100% ours.

Helpful Tips

Great places to have a *Tailgate party:

*Make sure to ask permission, just in case!

Don't forget to bring your furry friends!

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