Swimming & Camping at Toquerville Falls

Living in Southern Utah it is not hard to find adventure but finding something that my kiddos will love as much as me, well that is a little more tricky. I am constantly on the search for new hikes, camping spots, and hidden gems to get my family outdoors and enjoying this beautiful area that we live in. In the hot summer months, its top priority for our adventures to include some sort of water, be it a lake, river or stream, to play in and Toquerville Falls definitely fits the bill.

I have been wanting to do a family adventure to Toquerville Falls for a while now but have been a little nervous about how our truck would do on the notoriously bad 5.8-mile dirt road. After getting the go-ahead from my hubby a few weeks back, we packed up the kids, a tent, and our swimming suits and crossed our fingers that the truck would make it. Spoiler alert......it did!!!.....but barely.

Toquerville Falls is one of those amazing off the beaten path gems that desert dreams are made of. A waterfall oasis in the middle of nowhere with a swimming hole and lots of exploring, Toquerville Falls is a destination that the whole family is sure to love.

The moment that we pulled up my kiddos were in heaven. The beautiful waterfalls were calling out to be played in so we explored for a bit, tested out the water and then found the perfect spot along the La Verkin Creek to camp for the night. Situated on BLM land there are not marked campsites and camping is on a first come first serve basis.

I had heard rumors that the falls have become overrun and misused but on a Saturday evening in mid-July, we were pleasantly surprised to find the area quiet with only a few other visitors. However, there was quite a bit of trash around. Such a bummer that people don't take better care of these beautiful natural gems. We picked up as much as we could around our campsite before we left and I encourage everyone who visits Toquerville Falls to make sure to leave it better than you found it. Every little bit helps.

Camping in July in Southern Utah is HOT people! Before crawling into the tent for the night we headed down to the creek and doused our PJ's in water. I wish we would have also brought a spray bottle with us to mist ourselves through the night.

In the morning we decided to put on our swimsuits and take our breakfast down to the waterfalls to do breakfast in style. I seriously can't imagine a better spot to eat cereal. After breakfast, we hiked down to the lower waterfall and played there for the remainder of the day. The water was a bit cold at first but once the heat of the day set in the water felt amazing. I wish we could have stayed another day or two and so did the kiddos. Toquerville Falls ranks as the best adventure of our summer!!!

If you plan to visit Toquerville Falls you need to be aware that there is a 5.8 mile stretch of road that is not accessible with most cars. You will need a high clearance vehicle with 4 wheel drive. Do not, I repeat, do not try to drive this road in anything less. You will get stuck.

Thanks Arika! We LOVE seeing all your adventures! Check out Arika's photography/adventure website for Southern Utah! Be sure to check out our past Toquerville Falls posts

Helpful Tips

You will need a high clearance vehicle with 4 wheel drive. Do not, I repeat, do not try to drive this road in anything less. You will get stuck.

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