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I still remember the first time I tried sushi, I was in college, it was love at first taste. It has been one of my favorite food ever since. I'm kind of a sushi snob. Sorry, but its true. I like me some GOOD sushi and Sushi Monster is one of the best I have found. And how can you not love a place that has a secret menu! I know right! I'll tell you all about it...

They always start you off with a complimentary bowl of soup. Yum!

They have a great selection of rolls.

Edamame is always a must.  

Ok, this is where things get real. The "Secret Menu", I was a bit perturbed when my friend told me about the Secret Menu the second time I ate here. I felt gypped that I didn't know about it the first time! You see, there is this special mango salad on the Secret Menu and I've never tasted anything so incredible in my 34 years. I kid you not. After the first time I had it, I came back and ate it 3 more times in 3 weeks. That's how good it is.

That little butterfly! Almost too pretty to eat. Almost....

The Roll on the right is called the Pandora, also a Secret Menu item. The owner recommended it. It has jalapeno and mango and I thought it sounded weird, but I like weird and I trust owners, so we tried it out. YUM! And not too hot. I wouldn't have paired those two ingredients, but hey, what do I know. I don't make the sushi, I just eat it.

This roll is called the Dino, a customer invented it and I guess everyone loved it so much that it made it to the menu! It was equally amazing as well as pretty.

Vegas roll. If you like fried sushi, this one is for you!

Ok, now this is my personal all time favorite! The Lovers roll. You guys. You must try this. There are no words. I actually tried to type words to describe it. None. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Its literally indescribable. 

It was close to Halloween when we went and our server said this said something like Happy Halloween! So pretty. These little desserts were little ice cream wrapped in rice paper or something that was like a gummy bear. Also, our server was pretty amazing. So so sweet!

Sushi Monster, thank you for hosting The Salt Project and for making the best sushi, and for having a Secret Menu, and for just being awesome.

Entrance Fee(s)
(801) 451-2880

40.982885, -111.905753

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