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While we were adventuring downtown in Salt Lake City the kids started asking for lunch. I often would rather not eat at most fast food chain restaurants, preferring fresh, local, fare whenever possible, but didn't know much about the local area. Luckily Stephanie was able to suggest a place I'd never heard of, Sushi Burrito.

At first I was hesitant because my oldest happens to be allergic to fish, and therefore most of my kids have never had sushi. Plus, I am 5 months pregnant and have been advised against raw fish. But I was quickly reassured that there are plenty of other menu items available and we were off.

Upon pulling up to the place my kids were quick to comment on the quaint size of the place and were charmed by its small, in and out style.

The menu is mostly just what it sounds like... picture a sushi roll, only burrito sized and served as one big meal. For those who love sushi, I'm telling you this place has it figured out!

You don't have to sit down and wait on service, you stand at the counter, order and go. The burrito serving style allows you take it and eat on the go. Anytime you can get fresh, healthy fast meals, on the go style, I consider it a major win! 

The kids found Bento boxes that offered beef or chicken teriyaki or curry in addition to salmon so my allergy boy was able to enjoy a fish free lunch with his friends as well. Their boxes came with a potsticker, meat and rice. The serving size was large enough that our kids each split a box and with a side of potstickers to go around were able to all fill up.

I love salmon, but decided to go with the grilled salmon rather than the traditional raw salmon for the sake of my doctor's recommendations and found it to be delightful!

If you are in the area and need a quick, filling, fresh healthy meal be sure to stop in and grab a burrito. There is some cozy seating provided, but one of the big perks is being able to eat your sushi sandwich style. Plus, their sauces... amazing!

Entrance Fee(s)

40.751927, -111.885678

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