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No this isn't a cruel joke. We're just trying to get you excited for Spring. It's just around the corner and we know you are planning for Spring Break! In the next couple weeks we'll be posting all about different places in Utah that would be the perfect Spring Break destinations.

Since we somehow forgot to post about this visit last year, we decided to spruce up the website with some happy spring photos.

Wheeler Historic Farm is a Free place. Many of us at The Salt Project had never even heard of it. Here, you can learn all about the working farm animals by walking the grounds, milking the cows, visiting the animals, having a wagon ride (not currently open yet.) visiting the Historic Houses or have a Picnic! In the summer they also have a Farmers Market.

Since many of us are wanna-be farmers, this was heavenly.

We checked out all the buildings to learn about Farm life.

It's like a free zoo.

Wagon rides are available for just a few bucks, just make sure they are open for the season.

Be sure to stop by all the animals and give them some love. Our kids sure did.

Where there are rivers, we will be there.

You could easily spend an hour or four at Wheeler Historic Farm. There's plenty of green grass to plan for a picnic. Don't be afraid to bring your stroller. You can take it anywhere. Some are paved while others are just dirt. There can be mud, so be aware.

The highlight of the trip was milking the cow. Stephanie was beside herself with excitement. I remember her saying that we needed to purchase our tickets and make SURE we were there at 5pm for milking.

The kids were surprisingly quiet, they were kind of excited, kind of scared.

When the cow came in, I think we were all in shock a bit, I mean, she was HUGE!

I wasn't quite sure Aiko would care about the whole experience. Come to find out she didn't want anything to do with it at all.

Corbin was the first to lead us.

Everyone took their turn milking.

Aiko was okay with just sitting by me while milking.

Here's Steph in all her glory. All her dreams came true that day.

Be sure to plan a Spring visit soon. You can always go now, it's open all year long and free!

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Check out their Easter Bone Hunt for your Pup! It sales out fast.
  • If you have babies, bring a stroller. You can go anywhere on the Farm with a stroller.
  • Professional Photographers be sure to read this before going.
  • They have bathrooms that are clean and great!
  • Cow Milking is at 5:00 pm. You only need to buy a milking token for those who actually want a turn milking the cow. If you just want to help your child, just purchase a token for your child. Not you and your child.  
  • Dog Friendly (On leash)
  • Free to visit the farm.
  • Some ADA Activities Available

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