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When we drove down to Spring City a few weeks ago, I saw a sign that said “Elk Tours.” Naturally, I had to do some research. Since we had come to camp in Fairview, I figured NOW would be the perfect time to visit. I booked an appointment and away we went.

Chip, the owner of the ranch gave us the tour and we immediately liked him!

The kids instantly liked him too.

The ranch is just behind his home and we started our tour. The kids were immediately in love, IN LOVE with the cats and met the goats.

We came all the way to see these giant elk and my kids were more obssessed with the cats.

We learned all about the Elk and got to feed them! While the kids wouldn’t feed or really touch the elk at first, we adults thought that it was super interesting. I’ve never really seen an elk up close before, let alone a bull elk.

After spending some time with the bull elk, we walked over to the cows and saw a whole bunch of baby elks.

The mothers kept all the calves in the back, so we couldn't really feed them, but did you know calves have spots like deer? They sure are adorable.

The kids finally warmed up to the cow elks and actually pet them.

Chip was super sweet and you could tell he loved working with the elk. He’s been doing it for 14 years after all.

We spent about an hour at the ranch before heading out. But first we had to search for the new kittens.

Chip gave the kids a little token before we left, he gave them two elk buttons (?) where the elk antlers fall from?

He also gave us this cool spatula he made with an antler handler and some elk sausage. (Which was super yummy too.)

If you ever find yourself going through Fairview, be sure to stop and visit the Elk Farm!

Thanks to Chip for giving us the tour!

Call to Schedule
Entrance Fee(s)
$5 per person
Helpful Tips

  • No Shade, you might want sunscreen.
  • We didn't need them, but I'm not sure about Public Restrooms
  • Park behind the house.
  • We took a stroller, but you didn't walk far at all.
  • Keep an eye on your kids, this is a working ranch.
  • Ask all the questions you want!
  • Call and Schedule ahead.
(435) 469-0793

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