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A few weeks ago, my husband had Thursday and Friday off from work, which meant I was trying to pack in AS MANY fun activities as humanly possible. While I like to pretend that I am a planner, I'm also a completely spontaneously wreck. Plus, you'd think that we would know what to do in UTAH! Good thing I know this website to look at. ;)

The week before, I gave the husband several options and let him pick, since I'm always adventurin' during the week without him. Here's what we ended up with for this day.

Cherry Hill | Kaysville

So Thursday, we went to Cherry Hill with our little family. It was a first for everyone! You could probably tell if you were watching us try to figure out where to park and carry our giant strolled up the 2 flights of stairs because we totally went the wrong direction. We loved all of it. There was something to do for each of us. 

Aiko's favorite was the lazy river.

Brother's favorite was the toddler water area.

The Husband's favorite was the tube ride and my favorite was the Dragon slides!

After just a few hours, our kids decided they were done. Luckily, we were done too. While there is plenty to do, it does make it hard when you have two little kids that can't just sit by themselves. We contemplated just going home, but then we thought perhaps they would sleep if we headed down to the Loveland Aquarium in Draper. We had some tickets and my husband had never been. Luckily, our kids are still free for most places! So we packed 'em up and started the drive.

The Living Planet Aquarium | Draper

We're kind of big Yelp people and I was checking out all the Thai food places. Anyway, the place we ended up at, wasn't very good at all. I mean, it could have been the fact that Brother threw up as we were walking in or that the food just wasn't that great. I dunno, I think it was both.

Since we were so close to the Aquarium we decided to just go on. Brother tends to throw up when he's teething, so I didn't think he had a bug or anything. The Aquarium was amazing. I forget how cool it is. Plus, the husband really likes anything in the animal kingdom so it was fun to walk around and see everything with the kids.

Ya, we were one of those people who lets their kids run around without a shirt. Plus...Puke.

We kind of forgot to bring regular clothes after swimming at Cherry Hill.

We even went to a short video and ended up leaving because the kids just weren't that into it. The movies are free now FYI!


Since we were so close to Loveland Aquarium, we decided we might as well go to IKEA. No one had thrown up, and we were JUST right there. Because, YOLO right? You aren't living if you don't go to IKEA. I don't actually have any photos. We always start backwards at IKEA. We hit up the Clearance section and then go back to the beginning. After a few lost hours in IKEA we finally ended up home and put the #ohniceandchubbies. babies to bed. All in all, I think it was a successful Staycation!

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