11 things to add to your St. George Bucket List

Our one precious life. We won’t be around forever. We don’t get a do over to raise our kids and make all the memories we can together.

This was it. This was our last time TOGETHER in #StGeorge

Sometimes we don’t know the last time. The last time to rock your baby to sleep. Or push a stroller. Or hold their hand in a busy store.

Sometimes we receive the gift of knowing it’s the last time. And we document it and soak every inch of it into our hearts.

In 2 weeks, Locke will be leaving for 2 years to serve a mission. And my heart is breaking. I’m so proud of his decision to give up 2 years of his life to serve God and the people of Seattle Washington. I know he will do so much good and be able to bless so many lives in doing so. And as he starts this new chapter in his life. One of the most precious and BEAUTIFUL chapters of my life will be ending. Having my littles all together under one roof. Motherhood has been my only dream in life since I can remember. It has been the most beautiful, hard, stretching and fulfilling experience and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the last 19 years I’ve been able to experience it. I can truly say that I took every opportunity to make memories and explore and create and learn together.

A quote from my favorite movie. “Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it is the middle that counts the most. You need to remember that when you find yourself at the beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up.”
- Birdee Pruitt, “Hope Floats”

Here’s to hope, for what’s next. Also, cheers to the middle. It was all I ever hoped it could be.

Soak it all in mammas. It goes so fast.

Ps I compiled every detail of this trip for yall so you can go create memories with your families. Links below!


11 things to add to your St.George Bucketlist

1-Explore an old silver mine on the cottonwood trail. This hike is awesome! And great for kids.



2-News paper wall on Middle Gila


3-Padre Canyon

4-Dinner at Tacos Plaza

You've had tacos, but have you had a "Dippy Taco"?

They're quesadillas are unmatched.



5-Scorpion hunting! Order this $10 light and go for a walk after dark. You will be shocked! We found at least 15 within 5 minutes. Just walking along the sidewalk. Best place to find them is Scorpion Hill located in a neighborhood called Stone Cliff. Here are the coordinates. Most of the ones we found were on the east side.  37.07853° N, 113.53722° W


6-Lava Tubes. This is must stop for kids when going to Snow Canyon. 


7-Petrified Sand Dunes


8-Lunch at Red Fort

After lunch, my 13 year old leaned over and said "mom, this is my new favorite restaurant". Which I'm thrilled about because it's my favorite as well. We frequent the Layton location, but have never been to the OG location in St.George. So glad we finally got to visit. Its beautiful! Definitely the most unique build out we've experienced. And the food was incredible!!! 

Check out our full review and must try dished HERE


9-Gunlock State Park

We might have missed the raging waterfalls, but the kids had fun exploriing and catching frogs (don't worry, we put them back in the stream before we left)


10-Meadow Hot Springs


11-Pioneer Park

 Happy adventuring families! You got this! If I can do it, often times alone with 5 kids, and almost always ill prepared, because thats how I roll, then ANY can do it. Life is just one great adventure. Go make some memories this weekend with your family. Dont forget to tag me on instagram and let me know how it went.




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