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Brittney is back! She's writing all about Spiral Jetty. (See our post on

It's definitely one of my favorite Utah adventure destinations. Here's a little background info for you. 

In 1970, Robert Smithson used over six thousand tons of black basalt rocks to form a coil 1,500 feet long that winds from the northeastern shoreline of the Great Salt Lake and into the water. He name his work "Spiral Jetty".
Its pretty awesome. 

We made the mistake of trying to tack this trip onto the end of an already adventure filled day, and our kids just didn't make it out to the actual Spiral part.

But it was still incredibly beautiful and I haven't stopped thinking about the next time we'll be able to head back to get the whole experience. 
This place has a ton of stuff for kids and I'd recommend taking a good part of your day for this one. 

There is the Spiral Jetty which is pretty cool. And if you walk out far enough, you can play in the water while still standing on the Spiral Jetty path. 

There are also the Salt Flats to play on.

Our girls loved running for as long as their legs could carry them. And we could keep a good eye on them because there really are just wide open spaces. 

The wood structures were also a huge hit. They seemed like forts to our kids. They played hide and seek and pretended like they were a stage. They could have played in this one spot for hours. 

The sage brush just on the other side of the road from Spiral Jetty was also a big hit. And, a pretty awesome place to take some great photos too. 

One of my favorite things about this trip was the fact that we were the only ones there. We had wide open spaces to play and explore freely. Since its such a drive to get there, I imagine this is the case most of the time. It was a dream. 

I'd also recommend going just before sunset. Not only will you get some awesome photos at sunset but the rabbits will give you quite the show on your drive home. We have never seen so many rabbits cross a road before. I'd say we saw about 200 at least. They dart across the road and some run along side your car. We all had so much fun watching them...and not a single rabbit was harmed! 

We took this trip on a whim, but I wish we would have had a little more knowledge about it before going. Apparently there is also a Golden Spike National Historic Site visitors center just before you get to Spiral Jetty. You can find more info here. Its dedicated to the history of the American west and even has life size locomotive replicas. 

Its definitely worth the trip.

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Helpful Tips

- Don't follow your GPS on this one. It will take you to a field in the middle of nowhere (we know from experience). Instead follow these directions:
1. Find the Golden Spike National Historic Site (appx 32 miles west of Brigham City, UT)
2. There will be signs for the Spiral Jetty beginning at the Golden Spike National Historic Site which are easy to follow. If you want some seriously detailed directions, you can find them here.
- Make sure you have gas in your car. 
The Spiral Jetty is a good 40 miles from the nearest gas station and there really isn't much traffic on the road so if you ran out of gas it would not be fun. 
- The road from the Golden Spike National Historic Site Visitors Center to the Spiral Jetty is a maintained dirt road. Any car could get there just fine but you it will get dusty. Totally worth it. 

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