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It's Harmony's Favorite event of the YEAR! 

South Ogden Days! Most cities seem to have their own little festival, so be sure to check out if you city does too. But if you are anywhere close to South Ogden, check it out!

The fireworks, the Carnival, the Parade, the people watching, it's all the best all in one place.

They have free kids activities too.

I have a thing for car shows, it's just something you do in the summer.

I just love all the colors at Carnivals too.

The Ferris Wheel, always a favorite.

One of my favorite traditions, that goes way back to my mom's childhood is the South Ogden Days Parade. Why do you ask? Because we would always trek down the road by my grandma's and bring a grocery bag. It was a family event, grams, the cousins and aunties and uncles would be there ushering us to run out and pick up the taffy!

I'm not even a big candy person, nor do I let me kids eat much of it, but it's just the nostalgic memories. I've taken Aiko and Orion since they were babes, so like 2 years.

Each time, we come home with a giant bag of taffy, toilet paper (?), stuffed animals and all sorts of junk. I love it. This year, I'm quite bummed I won't be there, so if you go, pick up a candy for me!

Check the website below for more information
Helpful Tips

Bring a grocery bag if you go to the parade and chairs. Our favorite spot is on 700 E 5300 S.

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