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With the start of summer we made a trip down to the South Davis Rec Center to let the kids swim and play in their outdoor splash area. Every time we go to the Bountiful park they see that fun pirate ship play area and ask to go, so we finally obliged and took them to explore.


They loved it! The water around the ship was shallow enough that the toddlers could run around and feel like they were swimming. 

(I did put ‘floaties’ on my little ones, just in case they ventured too far or slipped, but for the most part they could tell what their own limits were and stuck to where they could easily touch.) 

Most of the outdoor area is more of a deluxe splash pad than a swimming pool. I think the deepest it got was about 3 feet. 

They loved climbing the ship, going down slides and playing whatever little games their imaginations could come up with. 

I’ve got one little guy that hates getting splashed, so all the cool splash pads are never as good for him, but he was perfectly content here to sit away from the structure and enjoy being in the water, so that was great for us. And the ones that liked to splash and romp around were able to have fun as well.

After a while we went inside to let the older kids play and found a fun little toddler climbing area inside as well. So the big kids went down the slide, around the lazy river and swam about while the little tykes splashed (or in the case of my timid one, sat calmly floating to the side) and played on the water playground. I think they could have stayed all day, it was fun and honestly not as crowded as I had expected for a city pool in the summertime. (We went on a Thursday afternoon.)

After the pools, we went and rinsed off in the family showers. There were only a couple of family rooms, but as a mom of four little ones of mixed genders, I thought they were well worth waiting for and was grateful they thought to include them.

Climbing Wall

Right outside of the locker rooms there is fun climbing wall area. 

It isn’t super high, so the kids don’t need any kind of safety equipment and they had fun climbing around while they waited for everyone to get ready and the moms to finish chatting!

Ice Skating

Even though it was the middle of June we decided to check out the ice rink while we were there as well. Which actually turned out to be a brilliant idea. Everyone should go ice skating in the summer. Because their rink is inside and they maintain it year round the kids were able to go from the sweltering heat to a cool ice sheet, which felt really nice!

The Rec Center has a bunch of what I’d call walkers of different sizes that the kids who were a little less capable in the balance department could use to stay upright while learning to skate. 

All the kids grabbed one at first and by the end, only the littlest guys were still using them. Kids learn things so fast and just seem to pick up new skills whenever they are given the chance! 

My little almost 2-year-old kept pointing and begging to go out with his older siblings, and so I eventually caved in and got him a pair of their smallest skates (toddler size 8) and we sent him out. (You can also buy your own skates to bring each time and save on the shoe rental fee.)

He didn’t last as long as the big kids before his legs got tired, but he actually stayed upright as long as he had his walker or his mom’s hand! And he was grinning ear to ear the whole time, so I am glad we let him try.

The Rec Center also had a gymnasium with various balls you could check out and racquetball courts for the older kids to use, as well as a weight room, babysitting and an indoor track for adults. We didn’t have time to explore further, but overall the things we were able to do, were super fun and the kids were so active that they slept really good that night!

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Monday-Thursday : 4:30 am – 11:00 pm
Friday : 4:30 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday : 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday : 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
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(801) 298 - 6220

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