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Ok, I just want to start by saying that when we find a local business that we love, we want to support them. We received amazing results from Soli Wellness and wanted to share our experience here for you.

I also shared it (as I was going through everything) on our social media. There were a lot of people that said Chiropractors were the way to go, others said P.T., after talking to Dr. Randy he said it really just depends on whats wrong, some times you need one or the other, sometimes both and they can help you figure that out.

I have never had back problems. I'm pretty healthy overall but I was pretty out of shape after having #readsbonusbaby number 5 this year! I started working out at home with exercise videos and after about a week of that I stretched stretched really good one night and when I woke up the next day I was in excruciating pain. Like I said, I have never had back problems before so I had no idea what to do about it. As the week progressed it got so bad I could barely hold my 2 month old baby. I had to pull myself upstairs. I couldn't sit or stand with out crying out in pain. It was bad. I was googling things like slipped disk and back surgery and questioning if I would ever be able to hike or even walk again. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but the pain was just getting worse day by day and I thought I was in for.

Finally, after a week I googled "chiropractor 84040" (my zip) and read the reviews. I found Soli Wellness with great reviews and gave them a call. They fit me right in.

I couldn't even get up from the waiting room chair when Dr. Randy came out to meet me. Luckily, they have motorized equipment that take you from standing to laying flat.

Every appointment starts with some massaging to loosen things up. Followed by some vibrating and tapping machines, natural lasers and blinking glasses. I was pretty skeptical about the glasses so I made a video (see below) to have Dr. Randy explain it all. After all that prep work Dr. Randy comes in and adjusted the spine and hips and neck or what ever is out of line.

At my first visit I stood on 2 scales (one foot on each). The left scale was 10 pounds heavier than the right scale, and when he measured my feet to each other the left was about an inch longer than my right! That is so crazy! He adjusted everything and I felt much better. I wasn't pain free but at least I could walk up stairs. Things were just a little tender still. I went back 2 days later for another adjustment and I was cured! I could pick up my baby, stand up, sit down, you name it. No pain at all! It was like the whole week before was just a bad dream.

I actually snuck back into the room with the scales to weigh myself again (just incase the scales were rigged) and guess what! Each scale read the exact same number to the ounce! My legs were the same length again! 

Finally pain free! Thanks Dr Randy! 

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