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Rhiannon wrote this forever you'll see by the sweaters! But never fear, this is a perfect summer spot too!

It’s a permanent food truck park and if it’s not the only one in the city it was certainly the first. WE LOVE THIS PLACE. It is located at, 4747 Holladay Blvd E, Holladay, UT 84117.

The food trucks vary from day-to-day and you can find a schedule on their facebook page. There is also a permanent shaved ice booth too that my kids look forward too whenever we come here.

For us, nothing quite says “Warm Weather” or “Friday Night” than this place. It’s not just open on Friday though, it’s open Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays, but we frequently end up here for dinner on Friday night. It’s pretty clean, there is always someone coming around sweeping up or wiping down the tables. The owners are very friendly and they are always walking around with genuine smiles on their faces and asking how you are doing as they are cleaning up tables or sweeping. I feel such a sense of community when I come here. I have frequently seen families eating and then out of nowhere someone walks by and all of the sudden everyone just starting chatting like they’re neighbors. I wonder if this is where the neighborhood comes to hang out on a Friday night. I love the feeling of community when I come to this place. It makes me want to move here!

The park also has it’s own supply of power so you don’t have to worry about holding conversations with the buzz of generators. It is so chill. Lots of people bring their kids here too, so you don’t have to worry about having the only annoying set of twins, who are wanting to pet everyone’s dog, or needing to say hello 10x over and over again. :) The food truck park does sit at a busy street, so that is something to be concerned about with wandering toddlers.  

As the weather warms up chances are pretty good that you will find us here for dinner on Friday night, so if you see me, I’ll be the the crazy lady with 3 year old twins and a 4 year old, so please say hi. I would love to randomly run into someone in my “community” too!


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