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For many years, Stephanie and I have talked about taking everyone skiing or snowboarding, but to be honest, we both very much did not want to take them. I mean, we do, but we also really don't want too either. It's a lot of work to go sledding, what would it be like to have all that equipment and teach everyone?! Our good friend and cheerleader, Lisa from Off The Couch, offered her teaching services and support. Otherwise, we never would have gone anywhere near the mountain to ski!

None of us had any equipment, so we partnered up with Ski'N See in Park City to get everyone outfitted. (Ski'N See is actually located in the Hampton Hotel.) The guys at the shop were super friendly and patiently answered all our questions. 

The whole process does take a while (plan on at least an extra 30-45 minutes for fittings.) 

After packing up all our gear in the truck, we drove the super short 3 minutes to drive up to the Park City Mountain!

This is the main part that worried us the most. How were we going to get 6 kids, 3 babies, 4 adults plus 12 pairs of skis up the mountain? Well, just get yourself a Lisa! Lisa grabbed all the tiny skis and her own skis and helped us up the mountain. 

This first lift is called the Cabriolet Gondola and it's a short one that you just walk onto. Or in our case push a stroller onto. 

After the short Gondola ride, we had our Park City Mountain ski lifts scanned and then got on another Gondola that took us to the main lodge at the ski resort. 

I haven't been skiing for a very long time and I've forgotten how beautiful the view is from up high during the winter! All the snow and huge pine trees were jaw-dropping.

We did look a little ridiculous. Many people stared. Some clapped. We did have lots of help too. Riding those gondolas is no joke. But somehow, we all got on the gondolas with ALLL our stuff and KIDS! Just like Lisa said, "Getting up there will suck, but once we are up there everything will be fine." 

It really was better than fine. It really was.

We headed straight to the bunny hill with the magic carpet. 

Lisa taught everyone the basics and eventually she had every single one of them skiing down the bunny hill!

Everyone loved it!  

We could hardly keep up with the little kids. They would just go down, get onto the magic carpet themselves and then head up the mountain. 

Eventually, some of us graduated from the bunny hill to the big hill. 

We all forgot goggles, but I guess we were just super tough, it didn't bother us at all! 

Aiko, Orion, and Vesper are skiing champs! 

Vesper was our youngest skier at 2 and she did awesomely. She went a few times down the hill and then hung out with me in the lodge for the rest of the time.

We only had one meltdown. Our one tip we learned the hard way was to feed the kids soon and give them a break. Once everyone had a break, got some snacks they all headed back out onto the mountain for 2 more hours! 

When we were finally able to drag everyone off the mountain, we grabbed the kids some hot chocolate and headed down the gondola. 

Thanks to Park City Mountain, Ski 'n' See for sponsoring our gear and trip! It really was epic and our one regret is that we hadn't tried skiing sooner! Big shout-out to Lisa who truly made our first skiing trip magical! 

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