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With temperatures in the triple digits we decided a cool treat was a necessity. So we dug around a little to find a fun new place to take the kids and came across Sip’n Swirl in Bountiful. 

They offer sort of a smorgasbord of delicious treats and drinks with a few savory dishes to balance things out.

Picture the frozen yogurt bars you see everywhere, on steroids! Seriously, so many options it took me awhile to narrow down what I really wanted. (Which ended up being a couple of different things, because I am indecisive and couldn’t settle on one of course!)

Between Stephanie, all the kids and I, I am pretty sure that we ordered at least one of just about everything on their menu, and it was all heavenly.

The savory BBQ chicken crepes were delicious! Have you guys tried savory crepes? I don’t know how I missed them my whole life, but I love them now! There's was a sweet, tangy sauce with the perfect pinch of fresh herbs on top, moist, flavorful chicken and a light, fluffy crepe. It is was so much more satisfying than some of the heavier dishes I’ve had and really highlighted the wonderful flavor profile of the chicken. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

Then it was on to the endless possibilities of desserts. Oh my, a girl could get lost in all those flavor options! While I perused all the choices before me, the kids all loaded up with crazy combinations of custard, sorbet, or frozen yogurt and then on top basically filled every remaining ounce of their cups with a random assortment of candies. I am pretty sure we had a few kids running on a sugar high after this trip!

Let’s just say I now fully understand exactly what the ‘kid in a candy store’ figure of speech is referencing. That is basically what we achieved at Sip'n Swirl. They were so excited their eyes were threatening to pop right out. And just in case they missed a single flavor of sugar on top of their treats, the sweet owner and her daughter, who was working the counter, allowed them to sample a few of their favorites, encouraging them to try something new.

They do offer a variety of sizes of cups, so that you can limit how much will make it into those little bellies, or get a larger one to share (or keep for yourself!) And, bonus… they have plastic spoons that change color based on their temperature. Ingenious for an ice cream joint, since every bite from the cold food to your warm mouth changes the spoon back and forth. I can admit that my kids kept, and still use, their spoons at home :)

It doesn’t end with the build your own ice cream bar though, really that is just the beginning. They are known for their bubble drinks, basically a milkshake with tapioca balls in the bottom that you can suck up the straw as you go, adding a perfect, chewy texture to your drink.

There are also sweet crepes, build your own floats, and acai bowls. Having never tasted one of the ever increasingly popular acai bowls, I decided to try one… so good! Picture an almond milk, acai berry smoothie topped with fruit, honey and crunchy granola. Basically it was all delicious. 

We moms went with a less daring flavor profile than the kids, meaning we didn't just put one of everything on top of our custard, but rather stuck with the age old proven chocolate theme. I highly recommend anything chocolate ontop of coconut custard. It was to die for!

And what is more, it was a fun atmosphere for the kids. They loved it. Definitely family friendly. Toys and Disney movies in the corner, bright cheerful colors everywhere, I love the ambiance of the place.

My little guy even found the couches comfy enough to nap on!

Also, the owner is so sweet and converted her back room into a party room. For $35 you can rent out their space, complete with video game systems, movie screen, buffet tables and cushy bean bag chairs for two full hours! At that rate I am tempted to block out the whole summer for my kids, that has to be cheaper than having them in my house all day! Plus, if you rent the party room you get a 20% discount on any orders and can host anything from small business meetings to birthday parties to family gatherings.

The place has an old-school, community dessert shop, fun hangout kind of a vibe, and I loved it! They even had vegan and gluten free dessert options for my little allergen boys. It isn’t often (like I can count on one hand) that my boys get to go out and get a cold, sweet dessert from a restaurant, so this really was a special treat for them. One that I highly recommend you try in an effort to cool off this week, my goodness it got hot fast!

We want you to try their deliciousness too! Check out their menu and then in the comments below tell us what treat you would want to try the most. The winner will receive an item of their choice off the menu for themself and one for a friend.

This post is sponsored, but all opinions are our own.

Entrance Fee(s)
Friday, Saturday | 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Monday-Thursday | 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday Closed
801 292-2363

Amber Mon, 02/22/2016 - 13:21

You just featured this on Studio 5 today but it has been out of business for Months! Thought you would like to let your readers know!

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