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We have teamed up with the coolest local Utah company Beddy's to compiled a list of simple tips that our family has implement over the years to Simplify our Summer!


#1 Routine is key. This is crucial for our home life to run smoothly. We run on a routine all year, and then summer hits and BAM, it's gone, and everyone is doing all the things and yet doing nothing at all and things start to fall through the cracks, and kids start getting bored. Keeping a simple routine has helped keep everyone on the same page and prevents our house from getting out of control.


#2 Make your bed. I know this sounds crazy, but I promise it makes a world of difference. The first thing my kids do when they wake up is turn around and make the bed that they just got out of. It sets a tone for the day and helps make the house feel tidy and clean (even if its' not). Folding bunches of blankets just adds more time to this process. We were thrilled when we found out about Beddy's patented design. There is literally nothing else like it. Beddy's are like a sleeping bag for your bed, no more sheets, blanket, comforter. All three of those come in one set that wraps snuggly around your bed like a fitted sheet. Making the bed has never been SO easy! Just pull the zipper and your done! I got my girls each a Beddy for their new bunkbed and I'm so in love, i'm getting one for my king size bed next!

Scroll down for before and after.


#3 Todo's first thing. We don't have a lot of rules or guidelines in our home, but getting our work done first thing is one thing we try to implement. Remember how we implemented making beds before we leave our room in #2? We do the same thing for the rest of our morning. You go to the bathroom next, so while you are there, be sure to brush your hair and teeth. Then back to the bedroom to get dressed and make sure things are put away before you head down for morning chores, which take all of 2-4 minutes. Once everything is finished, then it's time to eat and we are officially ready for the day, what ever it may bring.

#4 Declutter. Every change of season, we go through our rooms, closets, and drawers and pull out items that no longer fit, that we don't love, or that we no longer use or need. Then we haul them to a donation center where they can serve the next person. This is a great 5-15 minute activity that can be done once a week so things don't get out of control.

#5 On-the-go kit. This has saved me so many times. Summer is busy and I often found myself forgetting things when we were out and about. Now I have a little bag that I keep in the car at all times. I take it in with us at the end of a busy day and restock as needed. Water bottles, sunscreen, snacks, and any other personal items that you might need during your outings.

#6 Don't over schedule. Summer is all about lazy days and having fun! Enjoy it! I like to keep most of our days free so we can be spontaneous and go on adventures, but also take it slow and just play with friends and eat popsicles all day. It's all about balance. I like to keep my meetings and appointments all on one day, so we are free to have fun the rest of the week.

#7 Create a Summer Bucket List. This is a great way to make memories with your family. Having a list opens up room for being flexible and not over scheduled, but still gives you something to look forward to without getting overwhelmed. We have a fun FREE downloadable bucket list printable HERE.


I hope this list helps you Simplify Your Summer!


Now for a few more highlights of our new Beddy's! I'm so excited to have this part of our morning routine so streamlined.



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