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I know, you've probably seen the ads all over your feeds. Honestly, this Aquarium is pretty dang fun, especially with kids. Although I have seen plenty of adults walking around SeaQuest.  All three of us actually grew up in Layton, so ya know, we know the Layton Mall pretty well. So we were all kind of baffled to hear an aquarium was going to be built in it. I'll admit I was pretty skeptical, but also had high hopes that it would be as awesome as the Vegas one.

I almost didn't buy a pass, in fact I didn't. One of my friends bought a buy one get one free on the Annual membership and only then did I concede. I'm really glad she did (Thanks Bre.) Because we've been twice in the past two weeks.

The Salt Project is happy to report five stars out of five on SeaQuest!

We should have known, from the title alone, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, that this would truly be quite an interactive place.

We weren't expecting that you could touch basically everything and anything.

We held starfish, clams, oysters, birds, reptiles, I mean, everything. It was amazing! I loved that they didn't charge you extra to pet or touch things. (You do have to pay tokens for feedings, but you don't really even have to feed them to have an awesome experience.)

Even I was surprised, finding myself saying, "Why, yes, I'd like to hold the python."

I don't like snakes at all but I was quite intrigued, even if the snake just spit out something gross on the ground. Plus, I didn't want Aiko to take after my, I don't want to say fear of snakes, it's more I just think they are REALLLY weird and disturbing. So I found myself hoisting this snake around my neck. The working was super nice and supervised the whole time.

One of our favorite things was the parakeet cage. We watched people go in and I had assumed they paid extra to be able to handle the birds, but NOPE! It was included.

The workers happily invited everyone in if they'd like too.

I was a little worried that it would be extremely overwhelming. Here's a few reason why:

  • I didn't want my kids to freak out.
  • I didn't want my kids to freak out thus resulting in a hurt a bird.
  • I didn't want my kids to freak out and hurt a bird.

Luckily, all was well. The kids didn't like the birds touching their skin, but they didn't mind it if they landed on their heads and clothing. In fact, they loved it, everyone did. (Grandparents...take your grandkids here!)

The parakeets are actually babies and apparently, like to huddle together. If you got two birds on your arms, you had a really good chance that more would be coming.

I loved watching my kids run around and explore safely. Since we fished this fall, my kids were excited to see the trout swimming around.

One of Aiko's favorite places was the Mermaid Pool. We got lucky and happened to show up when the Mermaid was swimming around. She was entranced and also slightly worried. I think she knew that Ariel was not real, because she's only in the cartoons, but was quite stunned to see a real one. This mermaid also sang Ariel's songs and giggled which only caused her to stare more. Orion wanted nothing to do with her and hid in the background with Grandma. He knew something was up.

One thing we didn't get to try was the

Stephanie's family LOVED holding all the iguanas and lizards.

There were a few things you couldn't touch, like the Jellyfish and this LionFish. Come to find out, they have stingers like bees (at least that's what the worker told us) and we all know what happens to Dory.

Speaking of LionFish, my kids and I just rented this book from the library. They loved it...and we happened to get it a week before we went to SeaQuest so they knew all sorts of fish. (Does anyone else think it's kind of a weird book?)

Stephanie and I both agree it's a pretty amazing place to go. It's also opened just in time for winter! It's warm and humid, so it's kind of like being somewhere tropical. You know we'll be back! Hope to see you guys there too! It's a great idea for a Christmas present. In fact, here are a couple coupons we found online, since the buy one get on free doesn't work anymore.

Grandparents! It's the perfect gift to give or receive!


Use your America First Credit Card to get 50% off your annual pass. (I'm not sure how long this lasts, but we purchased one on 11/29/2016)

"OPEN25" This is a FB discount we saw for 25% off an annual pass.

Helpful Tips
  • Yes, touching everything is free and included. You do have to pay extra for tokens to feed the animals. We didn't feed anything and still felt like we got an awesome experience.
  • It's warm and humid, so either be prepared to carry jackets or bring a stroller. I don't know, but there might be some lockers somewhere in the mall.
  • Public bathrooms located in the mall.
  • It's right next to the children play place in the mall on the lower level.
  • The mermaid is still trying out different schedules, but we've heard she comes out after 4pm.
  • We've been during the day right when it opens and it wasn't super crowded. Even at 7pm we found it relatively calm as far as crowds go.
  • The workers are super friendly and don't be afraid to ask if you can hold or touch an animal or reptile.
  • You do have to wait in line to hold the parakeets and other birds, so be sure to tell the worker you want to wait for your turn.
  • Hand sanitizer and sinks are everywhere to wash your hands.
  • Supervise your kids still, we don't want something to happen to any of the creatures.
  • We watched someone have their feet cleaned by the fish, so that might be something to pay for!
  • They are still finishing up the displays, but I didn't think this hindered us at all, expect for there weren't signs telling you what the animals were.

Melissa Tue, 12/13/2016 - 22:45

I'll look on their website, but do you know if SeaQuest has any sort of accreditation, e.g., from the AZA?

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