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This last summer was the first time I’d ever been to Cherry Hill. Sure, I’d driven by it my entire life and always wondered what happened at that giant ship off of Highway 89. You can read about it here, to prepare for next year and warmer weather.

This fall partnered up with Cherry Hill to visit their Scary Hill. Since all things Halloween are important right now, we visited last weekend. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, especially with the word “Scary” with toddlers. It wasn’t anything too scary come to find out.

First stop, we heading to the tractor ride. We had the whole trailer to ourselves. I didn’t realize Cherry Hill was a camping spot too. We drove all around their campgrounds looking at funny skeletons in different scenes. The kids loved seeing some of their favorites, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and superheroes and princesses. It actually lasted for a good 5-7 minutes, all the while the kids watched everything.

Let’s talk about the joys of a ball pit. I don’t think my kids have ever been in one. I know, I know, they are breeding places for germs, but memories people…who didn’t love them as a child? Not only was the ball bit a hit, but they also loved climbing through the tunnels and all over the nets.

Back to the boat ride. Two mini motorized boats. The kids were in heaven and thought it was hilarious bumping into each other. There was a gal in wellies who watched the kids to make sure nothing happened. Although, we did happen to see one sad child that somehow fell in the pool of water.

We found ourselves once again prying the children from the ball pit to try and get them to the maze. I was a little concerned about the whole maze thing. I didn’t know how they would react to not being able to get out. (Technically, they could have just crawled out underneath.) But they did fine. They loved finding the Halloween photos in the maze. The only thing that kind of scared them was the Snake in a tunnel. We didn’t get lost for long and soon found our way out.

The last few things were some kind of trampoline game, but found that our littles were a bit too small to really enjoy it. Aiko and Nixon (Both 4yrs) decided that they wanted to try the climbing wall, only to chicken out at the last moment. It’s okay though; Nixon tried a waze and then realized that it was scary going up. Aiko didn’t even want to try. I’m kind of surprised though, Aiko is into climbing everything these days.

After that, we headed to the bounce house again, because you know. My kids REALLY loved Scary Hill. I kind of felt that much of it was tailored towards younger kids. Either way, The Salt Project loved it!

Over on the other side of the park they transformed their mini golf area into a Halloween themed course and the kids LOVED getting to go mini golfing at night.

It was the perfect family activity because Mom and Dad could actually play and compete with each other and really enjoy things rather than just sitting and watching the kids play.

The little ones got to swing clubs and whack at balls, so they were in heaven. 

And my oldest is becoming a little pre-teen and invited a friend along to hang out. They loved getting to play one hole ahead of the family and enjoy their autonomy, feeling quite grown up getting to hang out "on their own" while still being supervised from a distance. They aren't quite old enough to go to haunted houses or corn mazes on their own yet, but don't always want to spend a Friday night with Mom and Dad anymore, so this was absolutely perfect! 

We started our game around 6:30 and got to play as the sun went down and the fun Halloween lights came on all around the course. They did an amazing job decorating and it was fun to get to do a festive activity that the whole family actually enjoyed.

Helpful Tips
  • The 4 year olds did all the activities or at least tried them.
  • The 18 month old and 2 year old did everything but the climbing wall.
  • We did bring a stroller for the 18 month old.
  • Bring some water and snacks.
  • We stayed about 2 hours to do all the activities above.

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