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Growing up, I still remember visiting Salt Lake City, if it was my lucky day we would make a stop at my absolute favorite place in the world, a little Greek shack downtown.

 I always ordered a gyro and a side of baklava. Those were the days. Well guess what? There's a new Greek place in town. Santorini Greek Grill in Farmingtons Station Park is my new fave, for 2 reasons. First, they are in my back yard, so ya, obviously that helps, but more importantly, they have taken a fresh and healthy approach to that classic greasy Greek that I loved as a child. 

The gyros are insanely big (can't eat a whole one). And the gyro meat on a salad is to die for. Piled high with all the fixin's is how I like it.

My kids LOVE yogurt. They down it like ice cream. I guess thats a good thing. It's healthy right? Santorini's Greek yogurt is made in house as well as their dressings. Everything is super fresh.

Everything is super clean. The service is top notch. The atmosphere is beautiful and bright with murals of the beautiful "real" Santorini.

Besides the salads and wraps, there are two things, make that three things on the menu that are seriously life changing. First up, the nachos. They are so good in fact, that they aren't on the menu. They are on a "secret menu" and only the people that know about them can order them. Well, consider yourself as "in the know" friends! I promise you will love them.

Secondly, the baklava. Its my favorite dessert of all time. All the flaky layers of goodness. I need to stop ordering it. It's sinful I tell ya!

And thirdly, the loaded garlic fries. It's scary how good these things are. So good that we couldn't fit them in our stomach, so husband ordered some to go! I know, please don't judge us. Don't worry, he took them to work for lunch the next day. The nachos and baklava are also excellent next day. 

Eating out with 5 kids is no easy task. But its all about the memories right? And they love Santorini as much as I do, so I think it only fair that I share it with them some times too.

We love supporting local family owned businesses like Santorini. They pour so much love into everything they do.


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