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It was so fun to meet you at our first Meet-Up! We had over 100 people RSVP, it was quite the gathering. The point of the Meet-ups are to meet fellow adventurers like yourself and of course see some awesome Utah places! So we hope you were able to make some new friends.

To start the meet-up we did some quick introductions with everyone and then we all had some scrumptious cookies from SuSS Cookies!

Thanks to SuSS Cookies for sponsoring them for our meet-up, they were beyond yummy. I wish I had some more right now...

Some of us headed down into the main part of Wheeler Park to see the animals and check out the new (to us) tree sculptures! We were quite the crew.

Wheeler Park happens to also have an actual park to play in with a bowery. Just a little way north was the vegetable gardens, a big grassy field, tree sculptures, and a fun river to play in. It's one of our favorite free places. There's plenty of shade and things to do for all ages. I've even seen people walking the trails for exercise.

We didn't really take any photos down by the park with the animals (we did post to our Instagram Stories) so you'll have to check out our past website article about Wheeler Park. We wanted to spend some time meeting new folks instead of taking photos. ;)

After checking out the animals, we had a big picnic under the shade. We chatted, watched the kids play and just relaxed. (Be sure to check out our post about The Protein Foundry. Delish)

What did you guys think? Did you meet new people? Did you have a hard time finding us? My only regret is that I wish we had gotten a group photo at the beginning, by the time we thought about it, many people were gone. If we didn't get a chance to say hi, apologies. I'm thinking if we do these meet-ups regularly we need some kind of sign that says "HEY, I'm here with the Salt Project Crew!"

Did you know we have a new Facebook Group called The Salt Project Crew? We wanted to create a place where others could schedule meet-ups or say "Hey, anyone wants to meet at the park?" Go request to join, we'll be posting our meet-ups there!

The Salt Project

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