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Lego Man

This was a labor of love. I was pregnant and used that last week of nesting energy to whip up a homemade paper mache Lego Head. I would never attempt to make it again but it was definitely a hit at school and the trunk or treat! 

Make your own or buy this one!

Red Riding Hood, Hunter & Wolf

I really love working with things we have at home. My kids don't usually wear their costumes to play dress up, so I try to avoid buying them at all costs. For this family costume idea, I used a table cloth for Red's hood. The wolf mask was a garage sale purchase a month early for $1. And for the hunter, his hat was my brother in laws, and the gun is my dads pop gun from when he was a kid. 

Star Wars

This year we couldn't make a family theme work, so we split in two. My oldest two were Star wars Characters, Watto and Princess Leia. I found the Watto mask on-line and make the rest with random stuff from around the house. Then My littlest and I went with a theme from the movie Up.

The Original Up Baby!

The only two photos that I am in are out of focus. Just my luck, but I have to share because I'm the boy scout to my little grandpa from Up. This photo has been floating around pintrest for 6 years now. After I posted it on my old blog I received calls from New York to Paris! Asking to feature it. It's been on the Huffington Post and many other national publications. The Halloween after we saw so many "Up Babies". But I'm proud to say that we were the first. This was an original. You saw it here first folks!

Ewok Babies

Easiest Ewok Costume Ever! I took a gifted Monkey Costume, bought this Bear Costume and used some material I had in a box. I cut two holes for ears and then stitched some giant "X's" to keep them together.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Costumes. Again, super easy! We took these tattoos and applied to our faces. I also hot glued this ribbon on a shirt and dress (all clothing thrifted) and I was done! Luckily, my friend found the legit sombrero at the thrift store.

Lilo & Stitch

I bought all of Aiko's Lilo costume from the dollar store, then I tied some red tights around her top. Orion's costume of Stitch I bought (similar here.)

Goblin King from The Labyrinth

My husband knows every line from the movie. I didn't get too many photos though.


All thrifted items, especially the babies.

Arrested Development
Bluth Family Banana Stand

My sister is very OCD, so she made this amazing Banana Stand, while we bought the rest of our costumes.

Blue Man Suit

Blue Apron

Banana Suit

The Salt Project

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