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So many thanks to Rendezvous for setting up this epic date! We rode around for a couple hours hitting up all sorts of murals in Salt Lake City. Honestly, it was such a cool way to see downtown Salt Lake City. I'd say THE best way to see the city. Riding around on scooters gave you a completely different perspective on how tall some of the buildings are downtown. Luckily, it was a really warm winter day, so we didn't completely freeze.

We visited SOOO many murals. Who knew there were so many? Actually, we know one gal who knows: Courtney. We actually checked her Instagram Feed for suggestions, along with some of our past mural posts (here and here) and then my husband works downtown, so we had lots of murals on our list.

We actually created a spreadsheet with like 50 on it, one day we'll get all of them posted, but for right now, we are just listing on the ones we visited! 

1. Salt Lake City Mural | Google Fiber Shop | Trolley Square

2. Eccles Theater Mural | 131 S Regent St

3. Not sure...but this mural is just southwest of the Eccles Theater Mural. 

4. Colorful Staircase | 400 W 200 S 

5. Spiral Illusion Staircase | 275 S Rio Grande St

6. Atlas | 455 W. 200 North | North Temple Trax Station  | Artist: Shae Petersen​

7. Belief in the Making | 252 Edison St

8. Angel Wings | Outside Salt & Honey Market

9. Bee Mural | The Honey Stop | 1314 S 500 E

10. Jazz Mural | West side of Valter’s Osteria 173 Broadway | Artist: Kara Bopoppy

11. You Are Here Signs | Outside the Salt Palace on West Temple

12. Book Mural | Private Property | 210 S. Main St.

13. Bird Mural | 150 S State St

14. 300 S 200 W

15. Two World Faces | Clarke Planetarium | Artist Dourone

16. Salt Lake City is for Lovers | Rio Grande Street at the Gateway

17. Hibiscus Mural Gateway Bridge | The Gateway | Look Up

18. Hibiscus Mural | The Gateway | 400 W 200 S 

Above the Spiral Illusion Staircase

We were literally on those scooters for at least 2 hours. 

We rode around seeing murals, stopped for lunch at Pig & and Jelly Jar (there's even a mural inside!) and stopped for ice cream at Normal Ice Cream at Trolley Square.

Normal Ice Cream

It felt like we drove EVERYWHERE! It was So. Much. Fun. 
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