Salt Lake City Library

The Salt Project was in Salt Lake City last week!  We had just gone through The Leonardo Museum (it's mind blowing, check it out here.) and then headed over to the Salt Lake Library.

The library itself it kind of spectacular.  The architecture is unlike anything else in Utah.

Before heading in, we sat the kids outside in the Amphitheater to eat lunch. Luckily, it was a slightly warmed day, almost in the 50s. (Hot dang right?)

How cute are their little backpacks?  We have some big plans for these bags that may or may not include an awesome giveaway.  After eating their ever so healthy lunches, we gave each of them a little treat. Candy Everything makes these adorable sugar figurines.

The kids thought it was crazy fun to pick out an animal and see what flavor they were.  (A few were damaged from our travels, but Aiko didn't mind)

Breckyn loved her squirrel candy!  (Her cute bow is from Jam Tart Boutique on Etsy. Thanks we LOVE them!  Be sure to check out her shop!)

Sadly, Aiko and Orion had to bail out early.  Their little minds had been blown from all the coolness they saw at The Leonardo.  They were so tired and grumpy.  Their mama was a little grumpy too.  (She keeps forgetting that Aiko is just 25 months old.  Sometimes, she has to remember that 25 months ago, Aiko didn't exist out of her large belly.)

Lady Soul and her troop decided to go on.

There was a slight mishap that involved a ever-so-tiny shoe getting lost in the glass elevator, but luckily, it was found.

If it were warmer, we probably could have camped out longer on the lawn for a nap, or to eat some more candy, but it was pretty cold that day!  Usually, when it's warmer, there are people everywhere!

The kids thought it was pretty cool being on top of the world that day.  Be sure to go to the top floor and check out the view of Salt Lake!

Some of the items in this post were sponsored.  Our opinions are our own.

Mon–Thu • 9am–9pm
Fri–Sat • 9am–6pm
Sun • 1–5pm
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Helpful Tips

Check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

Be sure to take plenty of change for parking.  You can park in their underground lot or on the surrounding streets. 


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