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You know The Salt Project loves to shop Local, Camille is here to tell you all about this local market.

If you haven't checked out the Salt + Honey Market, you need to get down to the Gateway Mall (that's right, I said the Gateway) this weekend, December 10-12!  Despite what you may think, exciting stuff still happens at the Gateway Mall.  Point in case: the Salt + Honey Market.

Enter the old Anthropologie space at 116 S Rio Grande Street and you will be whisked away into a wonderfully designed and curated marketplace filled with all sorts of tantalizing treats, gifts, art, wearables, jewelry, and more.

I seriously wanted to buy everything that I saw (my husband countered my wants with his voice of reason). 

In my defense, I wanted to buy everything I saw mostly as Christmas gifts for others . . . with a few things thrown in for me. Since I couldn't buy everything, I settled for a gorgeous necklace from the Land of Salt (beautiful jewelry), some darling dresses for my littles (Christmas gift), some fun stationery by Christina Williams (friend Christmas gift), and some lovely soap and body balm from Paisley Pear & Co. (more gifts). 

You can't go wrong with anything you find at the Salt + Honey Market, though.
Each vendor at this market has been hand-picked and is truly a master of his or her craft.  All of the vendors are local, too, which is great for supporting small businesses. 

To describe the market, the Salt + Honey website puts it best: Salt & Honey is a makers market offering a unique space for designers, artists, crafters, food experts, and vintage collectors to sell their independently produced goods three times a year.

I ended up visiting the Salt + Honey Market on three separate occasions during the three days that it was up and running this past weekend (it doesn't help that I live five minutes away from the Gateway).  On two occasions I had my kids with me.  As long as I instructed them to not touch anything, they proved to be fairly trustworthy shopping companions. 

On any other given day, they might have been a bit unruly, but they managed to keep their hands to themselves while we were there.  If you know your kiddos are going to be touching lots of things (there are breakable goods for sale), you might want to tether them to a stroller or strap them to your back or use some other restraint to keep them in check.

Or leave them at home and enjoy some shopping sans kids.

If you have some Christmas shopping (or treat yo'selfin') to do, go check out the Salt + Honey Market!  You won't regret it!

December 10-12 | 2015
10 AM - 10 PM
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Side Note:

I totally hit this market up last weekend. (I basically do whatever Land of Salt Instagram page says to do.) It was very hard for me not to purchase everything in sight. But this is what I ended up purchasing! I've been eyeballing Orion necklaces since my little man was born. (also could have been the reason for his name, just so I could buy a necklace.) Be sure to check out H.Works.

Be sure to follow Salt + Honey's Instagram Account, giveaways going left and right!

xoxo Harm

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