The Rush Funplex | 12 Utah Staycations

Man. It is HOT outside! This Staycation felt a little different because we did quite a bit inside, but we aren't complaining! Plus, it RAINED again?! This summer sure has been weird. The Rush Funplex is the BIGGEST indoor playground in Utah! You literally could spend HOURS here. We were there for 3 hours and barely scratched the surface!

We started out with some good old fashioned bowling. We don't bowl very often and the kid LOVED it. 

We missed it, but there is galactic bowling at the very opposite end. 

Especially the little ones. There is something super fun about throwing a giant bowling ball at pins for tiny kids. Who are we kidding, everyone loves this too right!

Next up are the go-karts! They have go-karts for the tiny kids. The youngest we had on here was 4 and she could just reach the peddles. 

There are also go-karts for the BIG kids and adults! It's also glow-in-the-dark so that's even cooler. 

Spinning Bumper cars are always fun right!?

The place we spent most of our time was at the foam pits!

You can jump from ledges, trapeze like Zendaya or climb the walls, ropes or everything! There's even a rock-climbing wall!

Right next to the foam pit is the blow-up jumping area. Vesper spent quite a bit of time here. 

Things we didn't have time for was the rock-climbing wall, the skating arena, galactic bowling, and the arcade area. You can even have parties and eat here too. As we said, you could literally spend all day at The Rush Funplex! 

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Helpful Tips
  • Bring Socks
  • Bring lots of drinking water, you'd be surprised how thirsty you get.
  • Something for every age


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