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How many of you knew that Marysvale is Nationally known for their 2,200 miles of ATV roads? We even played the license plate game. You know, the one where you try and find all the states? There were plates from Connecticut and Michigan, basically, almost anywhere except Utah. It's kind of crazy to think that people from clear across the country come to a tiny town that most Utahns have never even heard about.

It seems that no where was quite as busy as Lizzie and Charlie's RV/Campground!

I mentioned all the different things to do in Marysvale in a post here, but I'm going to break down a few things in this post.

First off, we are not big ATV, off-roading anything kind of people. My sister married a guy who happens to own some four wheelers. It was because of him we even ventured into Marysvale. The first night we got and whent for a quick ride around Marysvale and the local cemetery. The cemetery happens to be the only green spot on the hills east of town. You guys, we totally rode the four-wheelers to get dinner. Like down the main street and everything. It seems like most everyone has some kind of off-road vehicle.

The next morning we got up at headed over to Piute ATV Rentals, which happens to be located in the Lizzie and Charlie's Check-In Office. (Come to find out they are owned by the same people.)

Milo drew highlighted three trails for us to take that day, over 6+ hours or driving! We had our work cut out for us. We partnered up with Piute ATV Rentals and decided to rent the Yamaha Viking 6-Seater. I was super excited to take this bad boy out. Suddenly, Milo asked for my driver's license...the ONE thing I forgot. Somehow I managed to pack for 4 people but not my wallet. Since I didn't have my driver's license I couldn't actually drive the 6-seater...sigh.

Actually, not driving turned out to be the best thing. It was kind of nice just to relax and actually look at all the scenery.

All along the trails are old miners buildings. If you pick up the guide a lot of the sites are numbered to give explanations. (I'm not sure where the guides are located though, maybe ask Milo.)

The kids would hop from the 6 seater to the four wheelers over and over and over again.

Miners Park of Bullion Canyon : Canyon of Gold Driving Tour

Here at Miners Park, you'll find bathrooms, picnic areas, lovely scenery, a river and of course lots of information on the Nature Walk. This park did have a guide at the beginning of the trail.

After some hard riding, these babes just went out like a light. I mean, we did just drive 3.5 hours on our first trail. It had rained and suddenly gotten VERY cold. Why, oh why do you I always forget winter clothing? Well, I guess, I've only done this one other time, but this time I kind of forgot how cold it gets. Luckily, we had lots of blankets and grandma to snuggle up with. We probably spent a good 30 minutes freezing.

Suddenly, the clouds were gone and we were peeling off layers of clothing.

Can't go anywhere without sporting local Ogden company Status! Check out their gear especially if you are golf prone..."INSPIRED BY THE GAME OF GOLF WITH A NOD TO STREETWEAR."

See how crazy the weather is? Sun?!

We made it back to our little cabins. Originally, we were going to have some sandwiches, but the smell of BBQ was too much!

I'm not sure if the BBQ guy is there all the time, but luckily, he was in town. He's located right in the heart of Lizzie and Charlie's, and you can't miss him if he's in town.

After lunch and a quick nap, we headed back up the mountain.

Silver King Mine

This time we drove to Silver King Mine. Another lovely place to picnic and take a quite bathroom break. The building above once housed a man and wife plus 10-15 people upstairs! It's not that big. The mining business was a big thing back in the day. The kids loved walking around and checking out all the sights. It was really nice to get out and stretch our legs.

This trail was a bit more rugged and rocky, which only makes it more exciting.

The views were pretty crazy too. All the trails started out at the bottom of the mountain and then suddenly you'd be on top of the world!

Plus PUDDLES! Usually, my husband avoids all puddles and mud, but this time, he couldn't resist.

Sadly, we hardly got a speck of mud on us.

There were lots of beaver dams along the trail. We crossed the river many times.

This was the only area that seemed to have colors changing so of course we needed to stop for a photo! I can't imagine how lovely the area must be now.

This photo above is blurry because my sister was taking a time lapse, but this is where I honestly thought I was going to die. I was ready to make the jump off the four wheeler, hoping it wouldn't crush my body, which must have helped because it righted itself.

I was actually thinking about the article I would write and how I always seem to get in some kind of accident when other things that cars are involved. *Note to self, do not think about crashing or you just might.

For some reason, crossing the river is always fun, no matter if you are driving or walking through it.

In one of the last canyons we passed this old-new mining town. Apparently, it's some kind of amusement park place with zip lines, climbing, and feeding donkeys. We'll have to come and try it next time.

While four wheelers and other ATVs can be expensive, I didn't realize how LITTLE gas they required. I mean, I honestly think we spent under $10 to fill up the 6 Seater and we spent over 7 hours driving it that day. But I guess if you are driving around 30 miles an hour or less, you must not burn that much gas. Either way, it's super fun and makes you feel like you just scored a super cheap deal on gas. I mean when was the last time you spent just $10 on gas for the whole day?!

Thanks to Piute ATV Trails and Rentals! We loved it and would totally recommend working with them. Plus, be sure to stay at Lizzie and Charlie's RV/Campground.

Helpful Tips
  • Don't forget your Driver's License!
  • Rent from Piute ATV Rentals located in Lizzie and Charlie's RV Park. Be sure to book a head of time. Especially, if it's on a holiday.
  • Milo will give you instructions on where you can or can't drive depending on what kind of ATV you have. Our 6 seater was over 50" so there were trails that we couldn't go on because we were too wide. But Milo knows all the details.
  • It was crazy because we really didn't see more than maybe 10-15 other vehicles that day in all 7 hours of driving. I guess with 2,200 miles of trails, there are LOTS more places to go!
  • Bathrooms/Picnic areas were marked on the maps and located in Miners Park and Silver King Mine.
  • Drive with caution and don't get too crazy!
  • Apparently, when one drives in a caravan style, it's only good manners for the person leading to hold up a hand of how many are in their party. It was kind of cool, feeling like we were part of some secret group for a day.
  • Bring plenty of water and food. You never know what crazy thing could happen.
  • Even over Labor Day weekend, we really could have brought some winter clothing while riding. When we weren't wearing it, we had a big garbage back that we strapped to the back.

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