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If you've been following along our on social media, then you'll know we partnered up with Rendezvous Box for part of our Salt Lake City Couples Staycation! Not only did Rendezvous Box plan an amazing dinner, they also planned an AMAZING activity we hadn't done before. We filled out the online survey that helps Rendezvous Box tailor our date to us and then we got to choose how much we wanted to spend. There are three different price packages, so something for everyone. 

When we arrived at the AC Hotel there was a red WAX sealed envelope waiting for us!

We quickly read through the details and found out we had dinner reservations at Stoneground Kitchen. There was even a gift card waiting for us there too! Rendezvous LITERALLY planned it all out. It was so cool that we didn't have to have the dreaded 30-minute debate about where to eat. I really loved the fact that we just had to show up. So cool. 

We had an amazing meal at Stoneground Kitchen (see our post here) then the second part of our date was a Salt Lake City Mural Hunt . . . SCOOTER STYLE!

Riding through Salt Lake City on a Scooter was SO much fun. We found 18 murals! You'll want to read all about it here.

If you are looking for super creative date nights, that literally have everything planned and paid for up front, be sure to plan your next surprise date with Rendezvous

USE CODE "DATENIGHT" for 20% off your first date! 

Because we loved Rendezvous so much, we are giving away a date night along with our Salt Lake City Couples Staycation Giveaway! So be watching for our giveaway! 

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Use code "DATENIGHT" for 20% off your first Rendezvous Date! 

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