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Hiking Red Fleet Dinosaur Track was AMAZING! This 3 mile roundtrip hike is well marked and so fun. 

We had a very busy couple of days, so we decided to leave the kids back at the Dinosaur Inn to rest with Steph's husband and head out for a little night hike.​

The coolest part of this trail is that it has dino tracks printed along the entire thing. At first we thought it was a real track, but then we realized it was a trail marker. So clever. This trail is very hard to follow, not a clear path, so these footprints saved us when we were hiking back in the dark.

As I said, the trail is marked really well, which is very helpful. The trail is a mix of fine dirt/sand and rock. Although this is a very easy hike, it might be hard for some that need even footing. Vesper (age 2) hiked almost the entire way, she just needed some help over some slippery parts.

The flora was so beautiful. We just love desert flowers.

And although we teach our kid's trail etiquette, sometimes littles pick flowers. It's ok, it happens. Use it as a teaching moment and then enjoy that beautiful flower while it lasts.

There were so many Sego Lilies, our state flower!

The views of Red Fleet were so beautiful.

At the water's edge, there are over 100 dino tracks! We only found one because the water level was so high, but it was totally worth the short hike and the views! Oh my goodness, so beautiful!

There it is! I real live dinosaur track.

This sweet local offered to hold baby Farah while Harmony jumped. Man, Vernal, you guys are SO NICE! Everywhere we went people were coming up and saying Hi, or would just strike up a conversation. 

Harmony fit right in with that group of teen boys.

I think they were pretty surprised when she jumped.

Harmony's husband didn't hit record on the video so she went again, and higher this time.

Stephanie, on the other hand, likes to jump at a more conservative height. But hey, she still jumps! YOLO!

The sunset over Red Fleet was breathtaking.

This hike was awesome! There were about 4 more hikes that we really wanted to try but didn't get to, so... I guess we are coming back! Can't wait. Vernal has my heart.

The Salt Project
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Entrance Fee(s)
The trailhead is just outside the state park. Even though the tracksite is well within the parks boundaries they have chosen not to collect the customary entrance fee.
Helpful Tips
  • 40.595660, -109.436277A trailhead
  • ​1.5-mile trail that is somewhat strenuous because of its several uphill and downhill sections. Sandy/Sandstone​​
  • We saw many kids on the trail
  • You can legally cliff jump up to 20' cliff height.
  • Don't take any rocks from the dinosaur area.
  • Best to find dinosaur tracks during morning or dusk. It's hard to see them with the sun right overhead
  • Bathrooms at trailhead
  • Pack it in Pack it out
  • When the water is high there are very few tracks out. We only saw one. 
  • The trail is well marked.
  • If night hiking, bring flashlights.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • 2-3 hours roundtrip
  • The trailhead is just outside the state park. Even though the tracksite is well within the parks boundaries they have chosen not to collect the customary entrance fee.​

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