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If you guys have ever wondered what it would be like to be in the amazing race, well this is your chance! This was my first race, like ever, and I received my first ever medal! I know, I shouldn't brag about that but it's true and I had a BLAST! Can't wait to do it again next year!

When you register for the event, you get a FREE cotopaxi bag ($40 value)! You could pick from 5 color options.

The event started in down town SLC where we all gathered to kick things off. And then they give you the green light and the race is on! You have options to do all kinds of different challenges; everything from "Doing Good" to hikes, to having someone cut your hair blindfolded (yep, we did that too). Each challenge is worth so many points based on difficulty. So you can pick a bunch of easy challenges, or go for the big ticket items. We did a mix of both. You have about 24 hrs to complete as many challenges as you can. Sleep optional.

We tried a new hike to the pictographs in Centerville. It was AMAZING! Check out our hiking guide HERE.

We got points for eating at Even Stevens because "do good". But lets be honest, we would have eaten there anyway. 

One challenge was to go to the Spiral Jetty. I've been dying to see the pink Salt Lake so we went for it!

It was the coldest weekend in October, so we bundled up warm. One of the challenges was to float in the Salt Lake, so ya, we did that too! One of my team mates, Bonnie stripped down and jumped right in! The bottom of the lake was crusted with sharp salt crystals, so if you try it be sure to wear shoes! I still can't believe she did it. It was SO cold!

We just happened upon these natural springs out in Corrine and had to stop (I'll be posting about this place soon too). We all jumped in the hot springs in Saratoga Springs too, but it was around midnight so it was way to dark to even know what we were getting ourselves into. Lots of mud and again, it was FREEZING! But the water was nice and warm.

Another challenge was to get a photo with a peacock. The nice people at Tracy Aviary were so sweet to let us run in and grab a shot. Thanks guys! We love you!

The entire race is run through an app on your phone. You upload photos or videos of each challenge and then other teams can "like" your photos (which also gives you more points). We came in somewhere right in the middle. Not bad for our first time. Some people were in it to win it, we were just there to have fun and thats exactly what we did. There were young teams of teenagers, families with kids, and everything in between. We absolutely LOVED this experience and I'm so glad my friends talked me into doing it because it's something I wouldn't have done normally, like I said, this was my first race EVER!

Questival, you guys are genius! Pure genius!


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Questival events are held all across the country. The next event in SLC will be May 2019

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