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Harmony here! I'm so excited to tell you about the Queens Garden and Navajo Loop hike we did in Bryce Canyon earlier this summer. The weather was perfect and it has been my favorite hike I've ever done. The only thing that would have made it better, was if the husband could have come with us.

The hike begins at Sunrise Point off of the rim.

I researched quite a bit before leaving and supposedly, this is the "least difficult trail entering the canyon from the rim." While going down wasn't bad at all, I imagine going back up wouldn't be quite as fun. Little did I know about the switchbacks we'd be hiking through at the end.

The scenery was out of this world cool.

This hike was surreal. I honestly can't get over how amazing it was. I was a little worried about taking two babies on this hike, but with my MIL by my side, I knew we would be fine!

Queens Garden is only .8 miles long (one way.) You can either go just to Queens Garden or continue on to Navajo Loop, which we did.

We found our first Hoodoo Medallion for the "Hike the Hoodoos" prize!

We started out around 7:30 as my children woke up super early. It was a good thing too, because we were done way before the heat came.

Our choice of footwear for the hike. I always hike in my Chacos.  I prefer the Z/2 series, as it has the toe strap. Yes, they are bit pricey, but I have my last pair for over 15 years and just recently purchased the pair above. I have a tear in my old Chacos and I wasn't about to go hiking barefoot. Aiko is wearing some Vans high tops that I found thrifting. I always put my kids in dark colored shoes so they can't stain them in the red dirt.

Shortly after Queens Garden we decided to have a diaper break. The kids had done pretty well so far. In fact, they each slept a little after our break.

It was really hard not to take photos of everything. If only we had Stephanie there to capture it all perfectly!

I really feel the need to go back and do this hike all over again, this time a little bit slower.

I can't remember what this is called, but there is a natural stone bridge that was amazing.

Apparently, we were quite the spectacle. Tourists were pointing and guy even asked for our photo. I guess people don't often see two ladies hiking while wearing babies!

The last stretch was tough. I remember thinking, this is kind of hard now. It was endless switchbacks and it was getting hot even though we were in the shade. Somehow I managed NOT to take a photo of all the switchbacks. We took lots of breaks but we made it!

I believe this is Thor's Hammer.

Luckily, the views made up for all the crazy switchbacks.

Finally made it back to the top! By this time, the kids were done being in the packs, so we let me walk/crawl along the top of the rim for a while.

Aiko decided she was ready to hike. So she put on her camelpak, monkey and grabbed her walking stick.

Little man enjoyed sitting in the pack while his big sister walked around.
I kind of love this crazy little person my toddler has become. She's very particular about everything and needs to have it just so.

Really, this hike needs to be on your "do before you die list!"

Helpful Tips
  • Loop is 2.7 miles
  • Bring lots of water. We used camelbaks and baby bottles.
  • Plan on at least 3 hours of hiking.
    • We started around 7:30 am and were probably done around 10:30ish
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats/Shades
  • Wear comfortable shoes. It's pretty smooth path most of the hike.

Michal Wed, 07/12/2017 - 08:22

Great report! In a month I go with my wife and our 2.5 year old son on this trail and wonder if we can manage to do it with him. Is it possible to take the strowler on trial (just in case)?

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