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Last week was our Puppies for Rent Meet-Up at Liberty Park. Thank you to all of you who came. It was a pretty evening with picnics, cupcakes, bubbles and of course puppies! We were super excited to team up with Puppies for Rent in Downtown SLC and sold (FREE) over 200 tickets. We had no idea you all loved puppies that much!

Liberty Park was just lovely that day.

The Salt Project needs to spend a little bit more time in that park.

Thanks to Heaven Cupcakes for providing some delicious treats for everyone.

What makes Heaven Cupcakes shop so unique is that they are deliver only. (I finally caught on to the whole Heaven thing.) They deliver ANYWHERE in Salt Lake City. Plus, they really were heavenly to eat.

They were the perfect size with just enough frosting. Thanks again to Heaven Cupcakes!

These puppies. You should have seen it. As soon as the puppies arrived, everyone flocked over to them and started giving love.

No puppy went unloved that night.

It was pretty adorable watching everyone interact with the puppies.

From the adults to the kids to the little babies. Everyone's eyes literally lit up when they saw a puppy.

Man, there was a lot of puppy love that night.

If you know anyone in the Salt Lake City area with a puppy that they can’t take care of or that might end up in the pound, please refer them to Puppies for Rent!

One of Puppies For Rent’s biggest priorities is getting all of our puppies placed with happy, loving homes.

Be sure to read up about Puppies for Rent. We believe their cause is beautiful and is making a difference.


If you live anywhere within 300 West and 2100 East; and 3rd Avenue and 2100 South you can totally rent a puppy and they will deliver the pup to you! Check out the Facebook Page and Instagram account here.

KSL news even stopped by. (Anyone see it on the news? Let us know if you did, we're not sure when it aired.)

If you received a Salt Project Button, don't forget to #TheSaltProject on all your adventures with your button! We'd love to see your photos!

If any of you are thinking about adopting a dog, try out Puppies for Rent to see if the dog is a right choice for you!

If you want a photo e-mail and we'll be sure to send it over! We'll be announcing the Puppies for Rent Giveaway winner on our Instagram Account.

Thanks again to all of you that came! If you couldn't make it, don't worry, we'll be planning another Puppies for Rent Meet-Up soon.


Helpful Tips

Check out more information about Puppies for Rent. You'll be working with one of the lovely people above!

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