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Have you guys ever been to Wheeler Historic Farm? It’s a real working farm right in the middle of Salt Lake City. They have horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and many more animals for your littles to admire.

Visiting the farm is free. You can check out the animals and explore the woods. You can also bring your dog, if its on a leash!

Wheeler Historic farms also has a variety of activities you can pay to do. Wagon Rides, Historic Farm House Tours, and Cow milking.

But, if you come for Pumpkin Days, they have even more fun stuff to do! We got a Pumpkin Days pass which included a Pumpkin Patch, Hay Maze, and Wagon Ride. We arrived just in time for the cow milking at 5:00 pm, so we got tickets for that too!

If you’re going for Pumpkin Days, follow this route.

  • Visit the Animals
  • Wagon Ride (while you wait for your wagon ride, let your kids play on the hay bales)
  • Hay Maze
  • Pumpkin Patch

If you visit the pumpkin patch first, you’ll be hauling your pumpkins around to all your other acitivies and that is just a pain. The Hay Maze is right next to the pumpkin patch so you’ll save yourself some walking if you visit that just before the Pumpkin Patch.

Visiting the animals is a sweet and simple event. We enjoyed the pigs the most. They had the funniest personalities.

My little guy was obsessed with sitting atop the vintage tractors. That kid is into anything with wheels and this made his entire day.

The tractor drawn wagon ride was a hit with all my kids. The ride takes you around the outer rim of the farm. It's a beautiful ride through the Wheeler Farm woods. And, we realized while on our ride that Wheeler Historic farms is a favorite location for family photographers. We must have seen 6+ families getting their family photos taken. That just proves how beautiful it is there.

Ride depart on the hour and ½ hour (weather permitting). They are also wheelchair accessible, which always makes us happy here at the Salt Project.

My husband grew up around cows and therefore doesn’t find milking a cow that fascinating.

But since our kids are city kids, we thought paying $1 for a cow milking experience was totally worth it. The cow was 7 months pregnant and huge! My little 3 year old was scared to milk it but my 5 year old loved it.

Pumpkin Days claims to be a “family friendly not-so-scary Halloween activity”. I would agree with this claim. The pumpkin patch has a few Halloween setups along the way that are not-so-scary. My girls are terrified of anything even remotely scary.

There were a few moments of fear (mainly the bone yard) but if they could make it through with smiling faces, you’re kid will be JUST fine. I’d say the Hay Maze is best suited for kids under 7. It was on the smaller side and pretty easy to get through. BUT, if you have older kids, they might have fun trying to beat the record time, 34 seconds.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when I saw that the Pumpkin Patch was not a “real” pumpkin patch. It was just an area with a bunch of pumpkins that had already been cut from the vine.

BUT, this setup allows our kids to play amongst the pumpkins which was refreshing since we’ve already visited a few pumpkin patches this year. My little guy loved crawling over the sea of pumpkins. And my girls enjoyed running through the very mini hay maze area.

According to my 5 year old, there are 4 things to consider when choosing a pumpkin.

  • The Size    
  • The Height       
  • The Color   
  • How Halloweeny it is.

Apparently there are non-Halloweeny pumpkins. Who knew?

We ended up with these four beauties.

We loved Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Historic Farms. It was the perfect place for a peaceful Fall family celebration. My girls have requested we add it to our family traditions list which is the highest compliment we can give a place.

Pumpkin Days Passes are $9 for anyone over 2. On Tuesdays, you can save $2 per person.
Entrance Fee(s)
Click on link below for pricing and hours
Helpful Tips
  • If you have babies, bring a stroller. You can go anywhere on the Farm with a stroller. We took our Ergo but wished we had our stroller to carry our baby and our pumpkins!
  • They have bathrooms that are clean and great!
  • Purchase your tickets at the main barn building or at a stand near the Pumpkin Patch and Hay Maze. Both places take cards and cash.
  • Cow Milking is at 5:00 pm. You only need to buy a milking token for those who actually want a turn milking the cow. If you just want to help your child, just purchase a token for your child. Not you and your child.  
  • Dog Friendly (On leash)
  • Free to visit the farm.
  • Some ADA Activities Available

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