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Dang. The Protein Foundry was beyond delicious. I'm just a little bummed they are far away from Ogden. Maybe it's good though, otherwise, I'd be here everyday.

Remember our meet-up? The Salt Project happened to be nearby The Protein Foundry and we were lucky enough to have them sponsor some grub for our picnic.

I feel like summer meals are hard. I don't feel like cooking and making the kitchen hot, so this leaves me in a cooking rut for months. The Protein Foundry has not only beautiful food, but it's fresh and so scrumptious.

No joke, this place was so dang good. The food was super filling and perfect for the hot summer day. I'm still trying to figure out how to recreate the toast for home. 

We tried the Angels Landing Toast, Velvet Samba AÇAÍ, Cali Toast, Chocovado AÇAÍ, Rio AÇAÍ and an Elevate Shakeout.

Who knew that toast could be THIS delicious? I loved the sun dried tomatoes and hummus. The bread was hearty and delish.

Have you tried a AÇAÍ bowl before? If you haven't, you better try the Velvet Samba first!

I could barely keep my kids from consuming the AÇAÍ bowl before I had any. I finally had to take it away so I could eat some of it.

Seriously, if you are in Cottonwod Heights, you better check out The Protein Foundry!


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