Porcupine Reservoir Kokanee Salmon Run - The best Spot

Although we have featured the Salmon Run several times here on The Salt Project, this was my families first time going to see them.

Taking babies on adventures can be overwhelming. Also fieltrippin' alone without the support of a spouse or friend can feel daunting. And so, the thought of tackling this particular adventure in past years just sounded too overwhleming to me. Well this year was MY YEAR! It's been on my bucketlist for so many years. I was so excited to finally go for a visit. 

After reading the blog posts here on Salt Project, it looked like Strawberry and Porcupine Reservoir were the easiest to se the Salmon. Causey was closer but you need a canoe or kayak to get to the trail. (turns out there is a hike you can take as well, starting at the campground). Check out all the other places HERE.


So Porcupine it was! And I'm so glad we went. I just heard Causey is done for the year, but Strawberry and Porcupine are still running for a few more days hopefully.


Below I will be sharing exactly what to expect when you get there. Directions at the bottom (with map).


Here is a photo looking back at the parking lot. It's a very short walk to the beginning of the river. There is another parking lot a few 100 yards up canyon, you can park at either. The closer you get the the canyon, the more salmon you will see. But we loved starting at the beginning and following the progression of the salmon.

You never have to cross the river, but they kids can never turn down the opportunity to cross a bridge.

Where the river meets the reservoir. 


It's crazy to see what they have to swim through to get up stream to lay their eggs.

The canyon starts to narrow and may people turned back at that point, but it you keep going through the tall bushes and follow the river, you'll be glad you did.

Dan wanted to turn back, we had seen the salmon, played, explored, what more could there be. But something was pulling me, what if we turned back now and there was something amazing up ahead? A giant waterfall? More salmon? What if. So we pushed forward and were rewarded by the most beautiful sight.

This pond was the end of the trial (as fas as we could see). So worth going to the end. Most people just walked up and down the river by the parking lot, but walking into the canyon was my favorite part. And seeing this pond full of salmon was so beautiful!

Also, this.

Bath through the sticks

Back through the grassy bushes.

And out of the canyon.

When we got back to the parking lot it was after 3pm. There were 3x as many people exploring. The parking lots were full, and many people were parked along the narrow road.


All mine.

This was such a fun family adventure! We will definitely be making this a new tradition.

Helpful Tips

Directions: Type Porcupine Reservoir into your GPS and it will take you right there. If given the option, select to drive through Hyrum, it will add 5 minutes to your drive, but you will avoid winding dirt roads.

When you arrive at the reservoir the road will be dirt and wind around the dam. The roads are narrow and the edges have steep drop offs so drive slow.

We went on a weekend, if you do, prepare for crowds.

No bathrooms  (that I could see)

Pets allowed

The water was low, if you have 4wheel drive you can drive to the waters edge, but It's only a few minute walk from the parking lot.

The river starts right by the parking lot at the edge of the reservoir. 

You can follow it back into the canyon about a mile.

The river ends at a small pond full to the brim with salmon.

Where good shoes that you can wash if needed, it wasn't muddy when we went, but it had been and the mud will suck you shoes off your feet.


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