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My cousin told me about this trail in Ogden. Drive to the top of 27th until it dead ends. You can park there at the top of the hill. There are two trails at the trail head, one heading north and one heading south. It's basically a loop, so you can go either direction. We headed north and stayed to the right at each fork.

Here is the dry river bed (I guess it only fills up every few years)

As you stay right at the forks, you will run into the trail marker. The shoreline trail will connect you to the waterfall hike. We followed the path for the Pond Trail.

We found a small pond about 10 minutes into our hike. This is where Pond Trail gets its name. It was a lovely shaded area with a shallow pond and stream for the kids to play in.

The bridges are always a hit. always.

My kids are always looking for moss to see which way north is.

We got this little wooden/antler knife at the Mountain Man Rendezvous a couple weeks ago. Riz (5) takes it on all of our adventures. You never know when you need a knife!

You never know what you'll find on the trail. Luckily we didn't see any snakes!

After the Pond, we headed south on the shoreline trail for about 30 minutes. Then ended up getting lost and came out at the 29th street trail head. If we had just made the loop back to 27th street trail head we would have had a nice short hike of about 25 minutes round trip. Less than a mile.

This is private property, but they give hikers access. So nice.

More moss, yep, we are headed south.

The trial was easy and perfect for the littlest littles. The inclines were very small and there were several bridges, so that's always a huge bonus. My kids love the bridges!

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